Pants for the summer. What pants to choose to be fashionable

Yes, dresses, sundresses, skirts are a great option for summer clothes, but there are times when trousers are more appropriate and relevant.

Брюки на лето

Therefore, let's figure out together what color, style, length of trousers are the most fashionable in the coming summer season. What points should you pay attention to, what to consider when choosing a new thing to create a fashionable and stylish image.

White pants

Белые брюки

So. White trousers have always been and will always be the clear leader of fashion shows for the summer season. I give my palm to this color in the summer warm season. After all, they look impressive in any style!

Белые брюки 1
How many variations on this seemingly common theme have not been invented by inventive designers. White trousers of all "times and peoples" are now in fashion. There were a lot of options in the new collections.

Белые брюки 3
Classics, bananas, ankle-length or floor-length culottes, retro models, wide or pipes, with or without cuffs, with patch pockets or asymmetrical cut. Here, the choice is yours.

Weaving and lace.

Брюки Плетение и кружево

The past fashion weeks have been overflowing with man-made trends. And this is not surprising - the openwork theme perfectly complements and emphasizes the image of a real woman.

Брюки Плетение и кружево 2
In the haute couture collections, we can see all types of needlework: weaving using the macrame technique, embroidery, crocheting and knitting. Mesh and lace of all kinds have become special favorites. But I'm unlikely to become a fan of this trend. It didn't work out somehow, not mine.

Classic pants

Классические брюки

Whether it's the good old classic. I have no questions or complaints about her. The safest option. And who said that everything classic is boring and predictable ?! This stereotype was completely destroyed by new collections from famous brands.

Классические брюки 2

Designers boldly equipped the strict classic trousers with revealing tops. Color also plays an important role here. Light and delicate fashionable shades will break the restraint of strict classics and will definitely set you up for a positive, even in the most gray and boring office everyday life.

High waist trousers

Брюк с высокой талией

I hasten to please all fans of high-waisted trousers. This fashionable trend does not go anywhere and remains confidently in the new summer season. After all, this cut has one big plus - our waist looks more expressive, Already, and the legs are at least a little longer.

Брюк с высокой талией 2

Balmain, Givenchy, and many other fashion brands have paid special attention to this trend. In trousers with a high fit, the belt can be made in the form of a wide corset, or gathered at the waist in the form of ruffles or folds, intercepted by the simplest strap.

Trousers with patch pockets

Брюки с накладными карманами

You should also add trousers with patch pockets to your summer wardrobe, for example, from Fandy, Alberta Ferretti, Blumari. Convenient, comfortable, perfect for walking and traveling. These trousers look great with both sport-chic sandals and flat sandals.

Брюки с накладными карманами 2
Some of the designers have modestly placed two or four patch pockets on trousers, while others have multiplied their number without hesitation. Perhaps this is how they decided to save our girls from huge bags, backpacks and shoppers ?! I don’t know, but it turned out to be quite multifunctional.

Striped trousers

Брюки в полоску

More than a century has passed since Coco Chanel introduced striped clothes into fashion. The once popular fabric pattern is still relevant. Moreover, a combination of stripes and peas, which are fashionable this season, is quite acceptable. Perhaps the strip will take a confident position in your wardrobe.

Брюки в полоску 2
The trend will be narrow, colored stripes in combination with cropped trousers. Trouser suits with colored stripes of different thicknesses look very stylish. Complete with a white blouse and expensive accessories, you get an elegant dressy outfit.

Floristic motives

Брюки Флористические мотивы

The next fashionable trend, without which, as I have said more than once, not a single summer season can do is floral motives. Flowers for every taste - large, small, variegated or in pastel colors - filled the podium. Now any style allows the presence of flowers.

Брюки Флористические мотивы 2
The icon concept of modern fashion is maximum femininity. That is why there are so many colors on the trousers. The brightest and most colorful images can be seen, for example, in the summer collection from Dolce & Gabbana or Michael Kors. I have all the reviews on my channel. no wonder. After all, masculinity is gradually fading into the background. And the main


Какие брюки выбрать

Today we have reviewed with you the main directions and main trends in fashion for summer women's pants. And I am sure each of you will be able to choose something to your liking! Whether it will be strict classic trousers or a free summer model with a bright print - it's up to you!