Fashionable dress for summer 2020 Top main trends and main trends

Let's see together what styles are in trend today, which one is better to choose a color, fashionable print or stylish decor. I will focus on the Top 20 main directions of women's summer fashion.

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I want to note that in collections from famous brands, the main emphasis is now on femininity. And it is the dress that can perfectly emphasize your natural beauty.

Polka-dot dress

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And the first fashion trend that I advise you to pay attention to is a romantic dress with polka dots. In the summer season of 2019, this color will be in great demand. And this is not surprising, because fabric with a polka dot pattern is megapopular today.

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Dresses with an abstract pattern from the famous brand Marni look interesting, fresh and summer-like. Splashes of paint, colored stains, colorful specks, pop art elements, even scenes from paintings of the Victorian era - this print can now decorate your fashionable outfit in the new season.

Pleated dress


The next summer trend is pleated dress. Today, this style has already gone beyond the classics, especially when designers combine folds of different widths in one dress. There are interesting images, for example, in the collection from Valentino.

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When it gets very hot outside the window, it is unlikely that any of you will be hunting for a hunt under the sultry sun in tightly closed outfits. And then I advise you to pay attention to the next trend - open shoulders. Light, bright dresses from Altuzarra will be an excellent choice.

Slip dresses


Slip dresses, repeating the cut of women's nightgowns, are good both in everyday and in the evening version. Thin straps, fitted silhouette, silk and satin fabrics, translucent textures - all these are details of top outfits.

Textile lace

Текстильные кружева

The next trendy trend is Textile lace. Today, hand-made themes have captured the minds of designers all over the world. Light lace dresses with delicate, pastel shades and translucent textures appeared in their collections.

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Another handicraft trend that has already shown itself in all its glory is Satin stitch embroidery and large applique in the form of flowers. See how incredibly colorful and distinctive a white dress from the Carolina Errera brand looks.

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The next major summer trend is crochet. Crochet technique appears every time on fashion catwalks in a new way. Today, the trend is a mesh with large cells or macrame weaving, decorated with wooden beads.

Dresses made of sheer fabrics

Платья из прозрачных тканей

And the most daring direction of summer fashion, I will name dresses made of transparent and translucent fabrics, which were offered to us by such famous style masters as Elie Saab, Antonio Marras, Christian Dior, Alberta Ferretti.

Ruched dresses and flounces

Платья Рюши и воланы

Ruches and flounces. The era of romanticism continues to haunt the minds of designers and inspire them to create new models with an endless number of frills. Large flounces on the hem of the dresses will also be in trend. Such, for example, as in the models from the fashion brand Carolina Errara. Or even cascading spectacular cuts from Dolce & Gabbana.

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Some designers decided to pay special attention to the volumetric decor. As a rule, these are large massive stones, rhinestones, beads. But I noticed more original options with 3D fabric flowers.

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And Dolce & Gabbana, it seems, used everything that could be imagined as decoration. On fashionable dresses you will find decorative buttons, rhinestones, sequins, intricate embroidery and other decor.

Dresses nautical theme

Платья морская тематика

Many haute couture collections are dominated by the marine theme. Shiny sequins in azure tones, stylized fish scales, appliqués in the form of starfish or a mesh dress with small shells are the perfect embodiment of the beauty of the water element.

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Today I recommend paying attention to flying styles with floral motifs, knee-length and below. Worthy competition for them will be wrap maxi dresses with an unobtrusive geometric print or an unusual pattern.

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In the new summer season, dresses with a train received complete freedom. The once popular model with a skirt - short in front and elongated in the back - is back in trend. The designers of many famous brands decided to bring back to life the undeservedly forgotten mullet dresses.