Elisabetta Franchi Fall 2020 Winter 2021 in Milan. Woman color

Milan Fashion Week continues to set the tone for the upcoming cold season. And today I want to invite you, my dear viewers, to see the new fall-winter 20/21 collection from the fashion house Elisabetta Franchi.

Elisabetta Franchi Осень 2020 Зима 2021 1

In my opinion, this is one of those few brands whose fashionable outfits are truly feminine, elegant and worthy of the attention of even the most sophisticated public, regardless of current trends and fashion trends.

Elisabetta Franchi Осень 2020 Зима 2021 2

"The color of a woman" - such a capacious name was given to the new collection, where the color palette is based on a combination of different shades of pink. Powdery, smoky pink, peach or tea rose in combination with sandy beige or milk-chocolate, according to the designer, will become the main colors not only in autumn, but also in the new decade. And in order to slightly dilute the pink tone and not make it too cloying, a sparkling white and rich coral red shade was successfully added to the collection.

Elisabetta Franchi Осень 2020 Зима 2021 3

The protagonist of the Elisabetta Franchi Fall 2020 Winter 2021 collection, according to Ellisabetta Franchi, is a modern girl who dreams of becoming a princess. But this is not that fabulous beauty who is sad at the window in anticipation of a magical luxurious ball and a meeting with a noble prince. A modern princess is strong, decisive, full of desire to create and energize everyone around her.

Elisabetta Franchi Осень 2020 Зима 2021 4

She is free and independent, smart, open in her feelings and ready to conquer the world. And fashionable romantic clothes in a gentle soft tone have become for her not only a permanent symbol of femininity, but also a real weapon of seduction.

Elisabetta Franchi Осень 2020 Зима 2021 5

Fitted silhouettes, flowing fabrics, airy pleats and soft draperies, ruffles, flounces, fringes, and a lot of expensive glitter of rhinestones and sequins. Well, such outfits are quite worthy of the wardrobe of our modern princess.

Elisabetta Franchi Осень 2020 Зима 2021 6

Wool and transparent organza, velvet and openwork lace, soft leather, satin or tweed - here there was a place for completely different fabrics and textures, but together everything came together in ideal fashionable images, where there is no excessive chic, but they are full of elegance and moderately muted luxury ...

Elisabetta Franchi Осень 2020 Зима 2021 7

True, in the final block of the collection you will see a whole series of charming dresses that are suitable exclusively for gala meetings, palace events or red carpet catwalks.

Elisabetta Franchi Осень 2020 Зима 2021 8

Elegant shoes are presented to match the royal outfits in the new Elisabetta Franchi Fall 2020 Winter 2021 collection. There are no flat soles, sneakers, or rough boots. Just gold stiletto heels, high boots and over the knee boots with medium or high heels, sandals with a bow for a special occasion or satin ankle boots with elegant laces.

Elisabetta Franchi Осень 2020 Зима 2021 9

The same can be said for bags. Only a couple of ensembles are complemented by today's popular plus size models. In general, preference is given to more classic options: a clutch with a clear geometric shape, a body on a gold chain, an elegant mini-model on a belt. You should definitely add leather gloves to stylish accessories.

Elisabetta Franchi Осень 2020 Зима 2021 10

Each fashionable look from the new collection has its own inner harmony, soft femininity and at the same time a rather solid character, which makes the clothes from the fashion house of Ellisabatt Franchi the most coveted. No wonder the main motto of the company, and, incidentally, of the founder of the brand sounds like the best axiom of success: “You can
achieve this if you want! "