Celine fall-winter 2020-2021 in Paris retro trends of the 60s-70s

New collection autumn-winter 20/21 from the fashion house Celine, which was presented during the Paris Fashion Week.

Celine осень-зима 2020-2021

How much do you love the 70s? Edi Slimane, the brand's lead designer and creative director, seems to love them so much and so deeply that he is dedicating his third collection to the retro era. Consistency and consistency - these two concepts have become the main motto for the designer in creative work. The couturier has found the ideal formula for success and is persistently exploiting it.

Celine осень-зима 2020-2021 2

The fact that Eddie Slimane is not inclined to bold experiments, I think, has long been clear even to the most inconspicuous observers of the fashion industry. At his shows, one has to eagerly follow not the birth of new trends, but the ingenuity of the author in the next interpretation of old motives.

Celine осень-зима 2020-2021 3

But, I want to point out, in the world of haute couture, where creative freedom often conflicts with caution, stability and consistency is far from the worst development of events.

Celine осень-зима 2020-2021 4

With all this, it is worth paying tribute to the talent of the designer. Agree, it cannot be said that clothes look dull and secondary. Perhaps one of the viewers will say: "We've seen all this before." Yes, I am ready to admit, such a thought slipped through me in the first seconds of viewing.

Celine осень-зима 2020-2021 5

But Slimane would not be Slimane if he could not present the familiar retro trends of the bourgeois French classics of the late 60s - early 70s in the best possible light. And he did it directly, without newfangled troubles and alterations. And the inspiration for the creation of the new fashion line Celine autumn-winter 2020-2021, according to the designer, were things from the mother's wardrobe.

Celine осень-зима 2020-2021 6

We again received wonderful clothes and shoes that we would like to wear here and now. The designer has skillfully managed to combine in one show both the urban comfort of street fashion and elegant stylish clothes from the wardrobe of a Parisian woman. Even if these things will not end up in a fashion museum, we all still really want to appreciate a good quality cut and understandable wearable styles.

Celine осень-зима 2020-2021 7

In terms of color, the Celine fall-winter 2020-2021 collection does not differ in brightness. However, for the cold season, such moderate shades are quite familiar. Brown, black, dark green, blue, burgundy are successfully diluted with milk, lavender and gold. The same can be said for prints. They do not play a major role in the collection. Few floral motifs, classic check, paisley, peas, leopard, original diamond pattern and expensive spectacular embroidery.

Celine осень-зима 2020-2021

The set of fabrics is consistent with the chosen retro style. There are noble velvet, romantic silk and chiffon, suede, wool and practical denim, eco-fur and leather clothing. Many images are distinguished by a fitted silhouette, no oversized styles, feminine bows, ruffles, frill, flying pleats and shine of sequins.

Celine осень-зима 2020-2021 9

Shoes are also worthy of attention. I advise you to take a closer look at stylish models on the platform, or maybe you will like high suede boots more. The finishing point in every outfit has always been, is and will be accessories. The Celine collection includes a wide variety of jewelry on a gold chain, stylish bags, glasses, caps and luxurious hats.

Celine осень-зима 2020-2021 10

Perhaps for some of you this fashion will seem boring, without a bright shake-up and radical changes, and someone will come out with both hands "For" in favor of the familiar classics, when you do not need to completely change your style, but only slightly dilute the wardrobe with new clothes ... Aerobatics under the name "Retro" or an old grandmother's chest - here everyone will find their name. I will just say: beautiful, elegant, expensive, with a pleasant touch of 70s glamorous chic.