Fashionable haircuts. Pixie hairstyle, bob, square, shag

The main rule of a fashionable hairstyle is more courage and originality. The variety of options and the absence of strict frames gives us the opportunity to choose the haircut that best suits the face.

Модные стрижки Прическа
Medium hair length - maximum room for experimentation. The hit will be - an elongated bob. It can have a sharp cut and smooth strands of the same length, or it can look magnificent and even a little disheveled. Long bobs with asymmetrical edges are also in trend.

стрижки удлиненный боб
An elongated bob with shaved temples or the back of the head is also in trend. If you are not ready for such a radical change, try cutting one side at a sharp angle, leaving long strands on the other side, or simply laying one side on its side.

Прическа каскад
The cascade, beloved by many, also does not go out of fashion. But this season, you should pay attention to more modern options for this haircut. Can be completed with deep thinning and asymmetrical cuts.

Классическая стрижка каре
The classic bob haircut in the new season should look more daring. Asymmetry will help in this, when the strands on one side of the face reach the shoulders, and on the other, they are barely tucked behind the ear.

стрижки пикси
Definitely, the most fashionable haircut for short hair will be a perky pixie. Moreover, thanks to hundreds of variations, it will suit women of any age and, most importantly, it will look appropriate in any setting.

Шэг стрижка на короткие волосы

Shag is another option for a spectacular haircut for short hair. In general, this voluminous hairstyle can be done in any length, but it is a short shag that is in trend. It refreshes the image, making the woman look younger.

Короткий боб-каре
A short bob-square to the middle of the ear will appeal to courageous women who love changes and an active lifestyle. Torn strands of different lengths look good even on the second day after shampooing, and they do not require special styling.

Модные стрижки Прическа
The maximum length is considered to be hair to the shoulder blades. It is this length that can really be laid at home using a hair dryer and a round brush. If the strands reach the middle of the back, you cannot do without thinning.

Модные стрижки каскад

There are at least three haircuts that can visually add volume to fine hair. The most familiar to us is a cascade. There is an unspoken rule for him: the shorter the length, the greater the volume.

стрижка с плотной челкой
In second place is a haircut with dense bangs and a graduated structure to create the effect of thick, healthy hair. A distinctive feature of the hairstyle is shaved whiskey.

Модные стрижки Боб

Bob, in its various variations, has also been at the top for more than one season. It is irreplaceable due to the fact that in fact the same haircut can be styled in different ways, imitating bangs, curling curls, creating extra volume with the help of corrugation.

Прическа короткий рваный боб
A short, ragged bob is also popular, the careless styling of which creates additional volume and focuses on the eyes.

Прическа волны и кудри
Natural waves and curls in the new season will be at the peak of popularity. It is naturally wavy hair that is easiest to style in extremely voluminous styling without any special worries. Therefore, you can choose almost any haircut.

Модные стрижки Прическа
If cute cheeks don't please you, just change your hairstyle! No magic: oblique bangs, maximum volume at the roots, asymmetry and graduated haircuts correct the natural "roundness" of the face best of all, shifting the emphasis from the cheekbones to the chin.

градуированная стрижка
Owners of long hair will have to correct the situation with graduated haircuts, which visually add volume to the upper third of the hairstyle. And you can fix the result with the help of side partings and elongated uneven bangs.

Прическа с прямым пробором
The next bright trend is straight hair, absolutely devoid of volume, with a parted part. Moreover, the tips should be trimmed perfectly evenly regardless of the length.

стрижка боб каре
For girls with short hair, a bob or bob is suitable, but only in combination with straight or oblique bangs, and for long hair, choose those haircuts that will create the maximum volume on the sides, for example, a cascade.