Louis Vuitton fall-winter 2020-2021 in Paris. A glimpse of modern fashion from the past

The show of the new fall-winter 20/21 collection by the famous brand Louis Vuitton was a bright conclusion to the Paris Fashion Week. The historic Louvre opened its doors to host a grand show.

Louis Vuitton осень-зима 2020-2021 1
In the museum hall, a huge, in several rows, theatrical balcony was erected, on which a choir of 200 people, dressed in costumes from different eras - from the 15th century to the 50s of the last century, was located.

Louis Vuitton осень-зима 2020-2021 2

As conceived by Nicolas Ghesquière, lead designer and creative director of the company, such a production of the show should be an interesting interaction between the audience sitting in the hall, the models on the catwalk and the "past" that gazed at them. That is, a certain general view of modern fashion from the past should have been obtained, which became the main idea of the new fashion show.

Louis Vuitton осень-зима 2020-2021 3

As Nicolas Ghesquière himself explains: “I wanted to confront different eras with our time ... A gallery with singers and actors is the past, the audience on the benches is the present. Models on the catwalk are our future. " Yes, the whole world is a theater, and people are actors in it. In the new collection, the couturier is playing a bold game with time and is not at all afraid to take risks.

Louis Vuitton осень-зима 2020-2021 4

He combines futuristic tops with fluffy skirts with layered flounces, oversized sports parkas with pinstripe trousers, Victorian ruffles and frills with puffy jackets.

Louis Vuitton осень-зима 2020-2021 5

Something from the Louis Vuitton fall-winter 2020-2021 fashion line resembles vintage underwear, some of the outfits make a nod to the royal Renaissance clothing, there are sports-themed ensembles, as well as biker jackets in the style of the 80s with a baroque pattern. spectacular New Look of the 50s and endless variations of "space" costumes.

Louis Vuitton осень-зима 2020-2021 6

The designer enthusiastically experiments not only with silhouettes and cuts, but also with fabrics and prints. On one catwalk, frock coats embroidered with gold threads and nylon jackets with multi-colored inserts appear. Rough leather is paired with sheer materials, while Victorian dresses are paired with Velcro sneakers.

Louis Vuitton осень-зима 2020-2021 7

Some outfits seem to transcend boundaries and timelines: jumpsuits that look like high-speed racing suits and geometric prints on pencil skirts look like they arrived in the Middle Ages in a time machine and decided to stay there.

Louis Vuitton осень-зима 2020-2021 8

We can safely say that modern fashion is almost always a synthesis of the past, skillfully remade into models of the future. The main message that the designer is trying to convey to all fans of the brand is to try to learn how to enjoy not just buying a fashionable thing, but precisely from creating a completely new stylish image, new combinations and combinations, completely free from generally accepted restrictions and norms.

Louis Vuitton осень-зима 2020-2021 9

The new collection from Louis Vuitton fall-winter 2020-2021 turned out to be interesting, bright, albeit a little oversaturated with an abundance of colors and styles. But most importantly, every fan of the French brand will be able to find something of their own, special here.