10 ideas for fashionable clothes. What to wear in summer 2020

So the warm and sunny summer has come, and today together we will consider 10 main ideas, fashion trends and top trends of the hot summer season 2020.

Летнии модные образы

What points should you pay attention to first of all. So. The brightest and most popular idea for the summer season 2020 is

Textile lace

Легкие кружевные платья 1

Light lace dresses with delicate, pastel shades and translucent textures are a wonderful must-have for the summer season. It doesn't matter if this romantic floor-length dress like the Alberta Ferretti brand or the mini-cut from Isabel Marant will look very luxurious in any case.

Легкие кружевные платья 2
Of the most relevant colors, you should pay attention to the polka dot dress. Today, fabric with such a pattern is megapopular. I will say the same with confidence about the floral print. Traditionally, this is the most iconic color for summer. For example, a semi-transparent dress from Fendi looks very airy even in a dark color.

Slip dress


I advise you to pay attention to the hit of the season - a slip dress. Thin straps, fitted silhouette, silk and satin fabrics, translucent textures - all these are details of top outfits. Dresses, repeating the cut of women's nightgowns, can be both casual and evening versions.

Pleated skirt


This summer we cannot do without such a top model as a pleated skirt. She rightfully occupies the top of the fashionable Olympus and is in great demand this season. For example, in the collection from Christian Dior we see very romantic gentle images.

юбка в горох
Although I prefer such an idea for summer as a fashionable maxi-length skirt in polka dots from the famous brand Carolina Herrera. Becoming a part of the sultry image of a flamenco dancer, this model looks bright and very impressive.

White pants

белые брюки

I would also like to highlight white trousers. It seems to me that this option is always relevant in the summer season. Classic, bananas, ankle-length or floor-length culottes, retro models, wide or pipes, with or without cuffs, with patch pockets or asymmetrical cut. Here, the choice is yours.

A great idea for a hot summer - culottes, or as we once called them skirt pants. The Chanel fashion brand has the most ideal option - a sparkling white color, a loose fit plus cuts, the height of which can be changed with the help of a sewn snake.

Sports shoes

обувь в спортивном стиле 1

We must complement absolutely any fashionable image with stylish shoes. This summer, a special chic - shoes in a sporty style. Today, few people will be surprised by an unusual combination, for example, a fluffy summer skirt with sneakers. Therefore, it is not surprising that many famous brands such as Prada, Off-White, Versace, Fendi have supported the sports trend.

обувь в спортивном стиле 2
And now, in addition to sneakers, sandals, shoes, sports-style slippers have become a must-have footwear for the summer. So many designers have equipped sports shoes with heels or wedges and have included such models in the basic wardrobe.

Swimsuit in the style of "Carmen"

купальник Кармен 1

The hot summer is a great excuse to go to the beach. This means we choose the most fashionable swimsuit. The new hit of the season is the "Carmen" style swimsuit. Its feature is a top with lowered shoulders, along the edges of which feminine flounces are located. The effect of airiness is also achieved due to the canvas, assembled into small elastic bands.

купальник Кармен 2
And, of course, such an image is simply impossible without a colorful floral print. You can complement the beach set with a luxurious light pareo or a long skirt with high slits. It turns out a beautiful, feminine and bright summer outfit.


Солнцезащитные очки 1

We definitely choose sunglasses from stylish accessories. Without them, in the summer it is impossible. And let them say that DSLRs are not in trend. I understand that this is already a classic. Several famous brands presented fashionable variations on the theme of "looking through the mirror" glasses-aviators this season.

Солнцезащитные очки 2
At Chanel, aviators practically did not go beyond the classical model. Unless they have become a little square, having lost the original teardrop shape. On the other hand, Tod’s mirrored glasses have become rounder and have lost their jumper.


Летнии модные образы 2

Today we have considered with you just a few basic ideas for fashionable summer 2020. The list can be endless. Indeed, with each new season, fashion becomes more and more loyal, democratic and we are not forced into some strict closed framework.