Skirt for summer 2020 Top trends Fashionable color, style, length

Let's consider together what will be in trend this summer, which color, fabric, length to choose, which skirts we should pay attention to first of all, in order to meet the warm season of 2020 in the most stylish and fashionable outfit.

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I will probably start my review with such a wonderful and truly feminine fashion trend like a summer skirt with ruffles, ruffles or flounces. In my opinion, this is one of the most charming top cuts.

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Having looked through a large number of new collections, I noticed that today in women's fashion, unisex and masculinity have gradually exhausted themselves, giving way to new trends. Let's just say - the fashion industry has once again been covered with a wave of tenderness, carelessness and romanticism.

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Angular lines and rough shapes fade into the background. More airy and romantic outfits appeared. Everything speaks of the couturier's desire to return a special trepidation to a woman, to allow her to be not so strong anymore.

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The strict course on femininity supported the next fashion trend - summer skirts made of silk or satin. The fabric slides gently over the thighs, gently enveloping the silhouette. Bright colors of floral patterns, their magical beauty in silk skirts from Blumarine are simply gorgeous.

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Luxurious maxi cuts from Brandon Maxwell look no less impressive. Flowing fabric, pastel shades, a minimum of decor, only an elegant graceful cut with a rather high seductive cut. True, this model is only suitable for girls with an ideal figure.

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But a girl with any shape can afford a fashionable denim skirt. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the right choice. And for the warm season of 2020, the designers tried to offer several interesting options, relying on the retro style.

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Today, in denim fashion, midi and maxi lengths are held in high esteem. Skirts in the spirit of the bohemian 70s from the Celine brand, for example, I liked the most. A very convenient and comfortable everyday option, but, of course, not on the hottest days.

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Summer fashion is already impossible to imagine without amazing lace styles. You can see exquisite snow-white outfits, for example, in the new collection from the fashion house Zimmermann.

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Graceful skirts under the brand name of the renowned Valentino brand are not inferior in the subtlety of lines. A duet with a cropped shirt blouse and light open-toed shoes with a flat sole will make a great stylish statement ensemble.

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Next on my fashion list is the pleated skirt, which stylists have long considered the basic option. This model can hardly be called a novelty of the season. But the feminine and romantic pleated skirt is definitely in no hurry to concede the top of fashionable Olympus.

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An interesting solution was a contrasting black and white combination. As, for example, in the fashionable pleated cut under the brand name Phillip Lim. In combination with a light, also pleated, floral top and white sports shoes, the result is a comfortable and stylish outfit.

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Let today we are talking about the trends of the summer season, but it is still worth saying a few words about a leather skirt. Yes, for very hot weather, these clothes are completely inappropriate, but after all, summer is far from everywhere and is not always sultry.

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By the way, about the fashionable length. Together with mini and midi models, many designers offered maxi skirts for the summer season. Moreover, in a luxurious model, for example, from Carolina Herrera, the hem does not touch the floor, which makes the skirt more practical and comfortable.

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As for the fashionable colors, one of the leaders of the 2020 season is a bright and positive tropical print. This is the skirt in which you certainly want to think only about sunny summer, about distant overseas countries and carefree rest.

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Having entered the top of the main trends, the tie-dye drawing will also not lose its relevance this season. The Christian Dior fashion house, for example, presented several variations on this theme, albeit in a rather restrained color scheme.

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I do not remember a single summer season without a floral pattern being named among the fashion trends. A whole line of elegant clothes is presented under the Blumarine brand, where luxurious buds bloomed on skirts.