Trends for Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020 Winter 2021

And today I would like to start my review of fashion trends and the main trends of fall-winter 2020/21 with Paris Fashion Week. Indeed, most often it is here, in the French capital, that we see the birth of new interesting design solutions for the upcoming season.

тренды Париж осень 2020 0-3

Unique collections, spectacular fashion shows, an atmosphere of luxury and beauty, a lot of impressions from watching amazing shows of talented masters of the fashion industry, as well as the opportunity to plunge into the world of haute couture - all this so attracts Paris.

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So. One of the main sensational trends of the season was almost unanimously named latex. Looks like French brands have gotten their fill of matte leather and found their new favorite.

тренды Париж осень 2020 1-3

Among the favorites of the fall-winter shows are the Balmain latex total look in sweet chocolate color and the voluminous scarlet coat under the brand of the fashion house Balenciaga. In such clothes, even a gray mouse will make a real sensation.

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The famous brand Saint Laurent presented two trends in one in its autumn-winter collection. Latex leggings or leggings. If this option seems too daring to you, you can complement the image with a classic jacket or a romantic airy blouse.

тренды Париж осень 2020 3-1

However, you should not rush to give up practical and comfortable leather clothes. Leather total bows, traditional for the cold season, also filled the catwalk in quite a large number.

тренды Париж осень 2020 3-2

And if you are not yet ready to decide on bright outfits made of shiny latex, I advise you to take a closer look at fashionable ensembles, for example, from the Stella McCartney or Chloe collection.

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The next fashionable trend is capes and capes, which can easily replace coats, trench coats and jackets. More and more often appearing in the collections of famous brands, they become an element of the basic wardrobe and, it seems, are planning to gain a foothold in it for a long time.

тренды Париж осень 2020 4-2

Monochrome, with prints, decorated with strings or brooches - the capes have only one thing in common: free, comfortable cut and total oversize. It is convenient to wear them with dresses, jeans, overalls, trouser suits.

тренды Париж осень 2020 6-1

The next trend, which is always in the collections of the cold season, is a checkered pattern on fabric. Many eminent brands have opted for both black and white and color options. There are several interesting fashionable looks under the Christian Dior brand.

тренды Париж осень 2020 6-2

But, the main feature of the autumn-winter shows is the Argyle print. This diamond pattern is today associated with school uniforms or sportswear. With the light hand of designers, the checkered pattern now adorns the most fashionable luxury outfits.

тренды Париж осень 2020 10-1

While viewing the new collections, I was greatly interested in knitted fishnet clothes and knitted ensembles. I hope you enjoy this cozy fashion trend, too, which along with the fitted silhouettes, there is also a loose, oversized cut.

тренды Париж осень 2020 11-2

Often, only certain colors and styles fall into the list of current trends for fall-winter 2020/21, but it is especially interesting when various stylish accents come into fashion. Surely there is a basic shirt in your wardrobe. Now it would be nice to add a tie to it.

тренды Париж осень 2020 12-1

But, if you like romantic ribbons, many brands Giambattista Valli, Chanel, Elie Saab have offered several fashionable solutions here, where a stylish detail adorned not only the hair, but also appeared on the dress even as a belt.

тренды Париж осень 2020 15-1

Clothes with feather decor will not lose the increased demand. The extravagant and theatrical feathers, which the stars of the golden age of Hollywood loved so much, have returned to the fashion catwalk again in collections from Givenchy or Giambattista Valli.

тренды Париж осень 2020 15-2

But there are also more casual options. The Altuzarra fashion house has brought to the fore accessories and shoes with multi-colored feathers, while the Chanel brand has delicate, airy feathers adorned with an elegant, austere jacket.

тренды Париж осень 2020 16-2

A lot of attention in stylish outfits is placed on the collar. Now this is an important detail of a fashionable look. Everything is used - ruffles and lace, bows and pleating, asymmetry, unusual shape, increased volume. Sometimes the collar can be detachable.

тренды Париж осень 2020 16-1

A special stake is made on fluffy eco-fur collars. They perfectly complement warm jackets, raincoats and coats. Bright styles can be seen, for example, in the fall-winter collections from Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton.

тренды Париж осень 2020 18-1

Thanks to the talent of the designers, even the classic black and white combination promises us absolutely not boring fashion images this season. There are interesting solutions under the brands Balmain, Givenchy, Chanel, Elie Saab.

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Separately, I would like to note that along with the comfortable and convenient Oversize style for the cold season, there will also be a pronounced waistline in the trend, which designers advise to emphasize with a belt.

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In general, the fashion of the upcoming season will maintain the perfect balance of soft femininity and masculine minimalism. Such is the new format of ideal comfort, convenience and beauty.