Tom Ford Fall-Winter 2020/2021 in Los Angeles. Luxurious velvet, cozy jersey.

Today, when the summer heat is just about to come outside the window, in my opinion it's time to take a closer look at the new fashion trends of the upcoming cold season. Therefore, I want to introduce you, my dear viewers, to the new collection of the famous brand Tom Ford autumn-winter 20/21.

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The master of fabulous excess and full of charm decided to hold a fashion presentation in Los Angeles - closer to celebrities loyal to his creations, and away from New York snobs who criticize his politics.

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As the designer remarked behind the scenes of the show: "It seems very natural to me to show the collection in February in Los Angeles, not in New York. This is my home, and it greatly influences the way I live and work at the intersection of the world of fashion and cinema. . "

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Yes, in these days, when the world was not yet closed to their homes, and the celebrity audience gathered in the City of Angels for the Oscar ceremony, Tom Ford tried to attract maximum attention to American haute couture.

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The designer has remained faithful to the main theme taken as a basis last season - sensual, relaxed, as if high, and quite wearable glamor. "For me, this is all very Los Angeles", - this is how the couturier explained his concept after the show.

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Luxurious velvet and velor, cozy knitwear, soft leather, wool and satin, boiled denim and seductive lace, deep shades and noble shimmering fabrics - everything is here: a little gramur, a little provocation and fashion trends.

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The designer relied heavily on comfort and convenience, as if he knew that today the demand for a strict business style will drop significantly, and the pendulum of fashion watches will swing towards wearable and rather even home clothes.

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Loose-fitting trousers, jeans and long denim skirts, cut using the patchwork technique, are made with a low, slightly lowered fit on the hips, in a sporty style and with a drawstring belt.

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The designer can easily combine a slightly angular sweatshirt with cut-off sleeves, a knitted top or a knitted golf with jeans, lace models, and clothing with a floral pattern.

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And closer to the finale, you will even see an unusual duet, where a simple top is combined with more evening styles. These are skirts with dazzling sequins or bold fringes.

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The fashion designer did not forget to add the leopard print, which is iconic for the brand, to the collection. Here clothes with a glamorous predatory color perform in a duet with simple, one might say, home outfits.

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But there are quite respectable ensembles in the fashionable line of the autumn-winter season. Suits in noble purple, emerald green or black tones will help keep the brand in any situation.

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The final block of the new collection is a number of cocktail dresses - completely transparent openwork or as if made of satin ribbon embroidered with sequins, similar to a disco ball or studded with small crystals and large velvet bows.

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Almost all with traditional Ford cutouts in the most seductive places. And as a final chord - a snow-white, rather bold, bride's outfit.

In general, the collection turned out, in my opinion, very interesting. The only negative is the mirrored podium. Reflections of bright light sometimes make it difficult to see all the details in detail.

Tom Ford осень-зима 2020 2021 52

Of the fashion accessories, I would like to note hairpins with flowers and massive multi-colored earrings in the form of feathers, which seemed to be slightly dipped in gold paint. And along with the classic Tom Ford bag, we see both mega-huge options and a mini-duo as a neck pendant. I also advise you to pay attention to the spectacular makeup of the models.