Fashionable looks in bright colors of clothes. How to wear a bright color this summer

We will try to peep stylish ideas for fashionable images from the stars of street fashion. In addition, the main heroines of streetstyle have already boasted of their new clothes.

Модные образы яркой одежды 1

For example, I personally really like classic blue. Calm and rich, it reminds me of the vast and endless evening sky, when the sun has not completely disappeared behind the horizon. Evening dresses and denim clothes are good in this tone.

Модные образы яркой одежды 2

Moderate and stable, the blue color gives self-confidence and does not give in to time, the whims of fashion, it can withstand any storms in the world of high fashion art with dignity. He is good both in a monochrome outfit and in combination with other, no less juicy shades.

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Many streetstyle activists gladly took note of the classic color, but to a greater extent our fashionistas went to indigo blue. Bold, dynamic, open, reminiscent of the brilliant shine of sapphires.

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The color of youth, enthusiasm, new beginnings and extraordinary solutions! And even if we are far from 16, this positive amazing tone, I am sure, will still take its rightful place in our basic wardrobe. It can be a solid trouser suit, or a light outfit with a plant print, which is based on a trendy rich blue.

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Next on my list is a luxurious green. The spring color of freshly cut grass is simply obliged to decorate a stylish ensemble. You can choose a slightly velvety juicy shade or an emerald tone with a mild cool addition of menthol.

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A good solution would be a combination of clothes that are slightly different in color saturation. Green is an excellent base for airy dresses and blouses, casual pantsuits, stylish trench coats, leather skirts or bright stylish shoes.

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Charming bold fuchsia did not leave women indifferent this season. Streetstyle stars with might and main showed their love for this spectacular shade on the streets of the metropolis, creating interesting and even sometimes unexpected combinations in clothes.

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For example, bright pink trousers can be easily made friends with a utilitarian khaki shirt, and a purple blouse can be complemented with a trouser ensemble of your favorite Barbie shade.

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Perhaps you will like the equally bold Fiery scarlet or red color called Scarlet Flame more. Daring, open, he radiates energy, passion and even in a metered version guarantees you maximum attention to your person.

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I would love to try on a luxurious red blouse or quite a decent red jacket, the color of which plays well in contrast with neutral white and black tones.

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This season, street fashion fans very often choose in a spectacular shade both romantic dresses with frills and delicate lace, as well as stylish trouser sets.

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Sicilian orange. A rich, aromatic, heady shade with the taste of an exotic southern fruit, at first it attracted many admirers among eminent designers, and then became a favorite among street fashion stars.

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The soft and warm hue of summer is no longer neon bright. It is as if he puts a brand on his clothes: "Made with taste." I am sure that a fashionable outfit in orange tone, even on the most gloomy gloomy day, will not allow us to be bored and depressed.

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As you can see, all colors are interesting in their own way. Let's add as many bright and positive colors as possible to our life. In addition, street style and famous brands are unanimous on this issue!