Max Mara fall-winter 2020-21 in Milan. Marine theme

A new collection for the fall-winter 20/21 season from the Max Mara fashion house, which was presented at Milan Fashion Week.

Max Mara осень-зима 2020-21 1

This time, the nautical theme served as the starting point for creating a whole series of amazing and very spectacular fashion looks for Fall 2020 Winter 2021. The artistic director and creative director of the company Ian Griffiths invited all fans of the brand to go on a long journey across the endless expanses of the harsh northern seas.

Max Mara осень-зима 2020-21 2

So who is she - the main character of the new fashion collection? This is a sweet romantic girl, perhaps a little tired of everyday, not particularly interesting and varied, one might say, coolly boring corporate life and gray office everyday life. She sits by the window at her desk and dreams of a sea voyage.

Max Mara осень-зима 2020-21 3

But no, not on a tourist white cruise ship, but on a real ship. In her fantasies, she is not just a passenger, but the captain of her own ship. Its path lies north, from Morocco to Murmansk, with amazing majestic winter seascapes.

Max Mara осень-зима 2020-21 4

And I'm sure the designer has perfectly succeeded in combining two completely opposite concepts in the fashionable images of the new line. Here romance is intertwined with practicality, everyday life and everyday life - with an irrepressible craving for adventure.

Max Mara осень-зима 2020-21 5

Ian Griffiths decided to add a very warm down jacket, a long coat that looks like an officer's overcoat, a cozy plush fur coat, a voluminous anorak, a cape with a hood and high-laced shoes to the wardrobe of the brave traveler and conqueror of the northern expanses.

Max Mara осень-зима 2020-21 6

Getting off the ship ashore, the girl will choose a trouser suit, or maybe a bomber jacket with puffy sleeves and an asymmetrical skirt with flounces, or a simple turtleneck and a coat with ruffles on the sleeves.

Max Mara осень-зима 2020-21 8

The nautical theme of the collection is clearly reminiscent of the striped pattern on the fabric, various belts, ropes, and decoration in the form of a large anchor chain. The main focus is on layering, oversized silhouettes plus classic wardrobe elements.

Max Mara осень-зима 2020-21 7

The color palette of the new collection is quite in the spirit of the Max Mara brand and the cold autumn-winter season. In the first block of the show, the designer decided to present the outfits in black and gray, and then the couturier gradually revealed on the catwalk all the beauty of the beige and brown range - caramel, sand shade, baked milk and chocolate thinly flowed from one to another.

Max Mara осень-зима 2020-21 9

Of the stylish accessories, it is impossible not to pay attention to the bags, the mega-sizes of which are simply amazing.

Max Mara осень-зима 2020-21 10

Moreover, we are offered to wear them in whole sets, where you can fasten a couple of small ones to one large model. An ideal find for the real traveler. After all, for sea adventures, you will also need roomy luggage.