Fendi fall-winter 2020/2021 in Milan. Images of femme fatale.

Today I want to introduce you to the new fall-winter 20/21 collection from the fashion house Fendi, the presentation of which has become one of the most anticipated at Milan Fashion Week. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that this particular brand is one of the ten leaders who, in general, dictate the rules in the world of haute couture and the fashion industry..

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 1

For the basis of the collection, Silvia Venturini Fendi took the images of femme fatale in the cult film of the 70s "The Lover", the costumes for which, by the way, were created by Karl Lagerfeld himself. However, the focus on seductive fatal beauties was not so obvious: even translucent outfits did not look too defiant and shocking.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 2

But, let's talk about everything in order. What are the main accents of the designer in the new fashion line? Of the most striking details, it is definitely worth highlighting the voluminous puffy sleeves in a duet with a dropped shoulder line.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 3

The next important point is a well-defined waist line. The desired result is achieved here either due to an additional wide belt or a thin strap, or with the help of a characteristic corset cut with many grooves, folds, and tucks.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 4

The predatory color, symbolic for the brand, is presented today in an unusual and interesting design. Closer to the end of this video, you will see how successfully, in my opinion, it turned out to combine the spotted pattern and the colorful paisley print. And even if the majority of the collection is made up of monochrome images, the upcoming cold season promises to be absolutely not boring. This is directly stated by the selected color scheme.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 6

Yes, as always, there were black, gray, chocolate and red traditional autumn-winter shades. But all the more impressively against this background stands out a delicate and soft lemon, romantic powdery pink, fresh sparkling white, tasty and juicy orange, or a daring and bright yellow saffron.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 5

Along with fitted silhouettes, there are also oversized clothes in the fashion line, which is not at all surprising for a cold time. When browsing the collection, I advise you to pay attention to warm and cozy knitted cardigans, a voluminous sweater.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 7

As for fur products, here the designer decided to listen to the ardent animal defenders, who demand to stop sewing clothes from natural fur. Some of the fur coats are now made of previously used mink skins. Yes, this is not exactly the idea, but, according to the couturier, they will do less harm to the planet than polyester fur coats.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 8

Of the outerwear, I personally liked the gray woolen coats more, reminiscent of the style of the post-war years of the last century. But leather things not all look perfect.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 9

The final block of the fashion show, which you, my dear viewers, will see closer to the end of the video, was a series of lace translucent dresses, some of which are complemented by a shiny long fringe. Moreover, through some black dresses, linen shines through in a contrasting orange-yellow tone.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 10

From fashion accessories I really want to highlight bags. Today I liked absolutely all the models, which is not always the case. Respectable classics, graceful options on a cord or chain, with lace or fur decor, a mega-size bag-bag, as well as knitted models or in the form of a box.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 11

Each fashionable outfit is complemented by various, I would say, trinkets - key chains in the form of a micro-box, a writing pen, a lighter, a watch in a gilded metal case. As for footwear, the main focus is on luxurious satin styles.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 12

One of the significant events at the last fashion show is definitely worth noting the fact that in the entire history of the Fendi fashion house, older models, as well as plus-size girls, first appeared on the catwalk. In the days of Lagerfeld, everyone was talking about a "zero-size dictatorship" in a prominent company. Now Silvia Venturini Fendi begins to experiment with the new rules of the fashion industry. So far, these are the first small steps, but the designer is happy with the result.

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 13

As the couturier noted backstage at the show: "It was liberating for me to show clothes in a new way, in different sizes. If only because I myself do not quite fit the" model "parameters."

Коллекция Fendi осень-зима 2020/2021 14

Yes, everything flows, everything changes. The Fendi fashion brand is opening a new page in its history. “Dress for yourself, not for others” - this is the main idea of this bright, luxurious, interesting collection.