Dries Van Noten fall-winter 2020/2021 in Paris. Late 70s night glamor

At Paris Fashion Week, the presentation of the fall-winter 20/21 fashion collection from the famous brand Dries Van Noten took place. And it is worth noting that literally from the first minute of the show, the catwalk simply explodes with a bright riot of colors and incredible combinations in clothes.

Dries Van Noten осень-зима 2020/2021 1

The Belgian couturier and founder of the eponymous brand Dries Van Noten decided to devote his new fashion line to the night glamor of the late 70s - early 80s of the last century.

Dries Van Noten осень-зима 2020/2021 2

It so happened lately that designers persistently continue to follow retro trends. But it is worth noting that this is not a simple repetition of images from a bygone era, but a completely new, modern, bold reading of a seemingly familiar plot.

Dries Van Noten осень-зима 2020/2021 3

The main heroine of the collection is not a simple carefree party girl, but a mysterious, dreamy girl with a delicate vulnerable soul and romantic character, who, behind bright clothes and spectacular makeup, is in no hurry to display her secret inner world hidden from prying eyes. She does not want to spend her life with a gray mouse, and in order not to get lost in the crowd at all, she prefers to wear colorful, glittering and glamorous, stylish things.

Dries Van Noten осень-зима 2020/2021 4

Each outfit from the Dries Van Noten fall-winter 2020/2021 collection is striking with a combination of different fabrics, textures and, at first glance, incompatible colors. Here, the cage perfectly coexists with the floral pattern, the noble velvet is complemented by carefree sequins, and of course, there was a glamorous snake print on clothes and shoes.

Dries Van Noten осень-зима 2020/2021 5

And if you still firmly believe in the rule “do not mix more than three colors in one image”, forget about it - and mix as much as you like. Patterns, shades, textures, glitters and feathers - the designer has perfectly managed to put everything together, creating an interesting combination of punk and disco styles.

Dries Van Noten осень-зима 2020/2021 6

The key feature of each image is its multi-layering, which is generally typical today for almost all autumn-winter collections. Plus no short mini. Maxi or midi length only.

Dries Van Noten осень-зима 2020/2021 7

There are many trouser ensembles, there are boots on a high platform and quite warm outerwear. So, paying tribute to fashion, we will not have to freeze in this cold season.

Dries Van Noten осень-зима 2020/2021 8

Despite the large number of bright colors, a dark black background acts as the main undertone even for many floral patterns. This decision makes the outfit deeper, and even a little mysterious and enigmatic. The makeup of the models is also made to match the spectacular fashionable bows.

Dries Van Noten осень-зима 2020/2021 9

The makeup artist applied shades of blue, pink, purple shadows to the girls' eyes, completing the beauty images with bright red and dark plum lipstick. The colorful accents do not end there. Models took to the runway with multi-colored hair dyed with neon at the roots, which is quite usual for a glamorous night out.

Dries Van Noten осень-зима 2020/2021 10

I like it when every outfit from the new line wants to be considered in detail. Yes, not everything here is suitable for everyday looks. But if you don't know what to wear to a party, the answer can always be found in the fashion collection from Dries Van Noten Fall-Winter 2020/2021.