Coach fall-winter 2020/2021 in New York. Street fashion and rebellious rock and roll spirit.

The fall-winter 20/21 collection from the fashion house Coach, which was presented at New York Fashion Week. The venue for the show was a former warehouse on 12th Avenue, where the company's creative director, Stuart Vevers, recreated, according to the designer, "a typical New York loft" as a set for a fashion show.

Coach осень-зима 2020/2021 1

The starting point for the creation of the new collection was the loud, bold and dynamic era of the 80s. The couturier took this retro direction as a basis last season, and today it was decided to continue a series of fashionable looks, where street fashion, sports style and rebellious rock and roll spirit are successfully combined. By the way, the show was accompanied by a live performance of a punk rock band, which perfectly supported the general atmosphere of the fashion show.

Coach осень-зима 2020/2021 2

“This is chapter two,” Vevers said during a preview at Coach headquarters the day before the collection was unveiled. This means that the unpretentious, free, relaxed style will remain relevant in the upcoming cold season. And what moments we should pay attention to today - we are with you, my dear viewers, now we will try to figure it out.

Coach осень-зима 2020/2021 3

The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the layering in a fashionable image. However, street style has always been accompanied by this feature. Personally, I am not a supporter of such a mix, but fashion dictates its own rules. In any case, with the onset of cold weather in such an outfit, "Cabbage" will definitely be warmer.

Coach осень-зима 2020/2021 4

The next moment is leather clothing. She still pleases us with bright juicy colors: fiery red and chocolate, yellow and herbaceous green, caramel, blue, lavender and grape - the very thing To be sad about the past summer, we will not be so desperate!

Coach осень-зима 2020/2021 5

I want to note that in the fashion line, I did not notice mini or maxi clothes. Dresses and skirts are all midi-length, just below the knee, but the trousers are slightly shortened. And the main favorite among fashionistas, according to the designer's idea, will be leather culottes or wide elongated Bermuda shorts. Although, of the new outfits, I liked short leather jackets and sheepskin coats more. However, free-cut raincoats and jackets, as well as fur coats with a bright combination of fur, are also worthy of attention.

Coach осень-зима 2020/2021 6

I definitely advise you to watch this video to the end. In the final part of the show, you will find a whole series of interesting striped ensembles. The fashion house Coach once used this colorful striped fabric as a lining for bags. Stuart Vevers mixes striped print with ease, which refreshed the collection and added a whole portion of positiveness, youth and creativity to it.

Coach осень-зима 2020/2021 7

In addition to the rainbow stripe, the designer presented outfits with an unusual graphic print to the audience. For an idea, he turned to the works of a famous American artist. Abstract graffiti drawings have also adorned several bags from the new collection.

Coach осень-зима 2020/2021 8

By the way, most of these stylish accessories have a clear geometric shape: a pyramid, cube, cylinder, circle or semicircle. The only exception was a rather voluminous bag-package, which you will see closer to the end of the show.

Coach осень-зима 2020/2021 9

The sporty shoes even made me feel nostalgic. Exactly such sneakers then, in the 80s, during the Soviet deficit, my mother bought me from her hands in an apartment at a huckster. And all the school girlfriends were just dying of envy. By the way, I immediately remembered a similar plot from the movie "The Most Charming and Attractive".

Coach осень-зима 2020/2021 10

In addition to sneakers, there are pointed-toed flat-soled loafers and boots with a wide accordion-top in the fashion line. No high heels whatsoever. Yes, in our town you can't run into a bustle of high heels. As a headdress, the designer offers a very cute knitted hat, which also successfully supports the retro theme and street style.