Chloe fall-winter 2020-2021 in Paris. She gave free rein to her emotions.

Today I want to introduce you to an interesting, quite wearable, feminine and romantic new fall-winter 2020/2021 collection from the fashion house Chloé, which was presented at Paris Fashion Week. The show has already, one might say, traditionally held in the famous Grand Palais and received a lot of positive feedback from even the most capricious and demanding spectators.

Коллекция Chloe осень-зима 2020-2021 1

This time, Natasha Ramsay-Levy, the lead designer and creative director of the brand, recruited three talented women to work on the collection. For example, luxurious columns in the form of totem sculptures by Marion Verboom, which, according to the couturier's idea, were supposed to breathe new life into the historic building, served as the scenery for the fashion show.

Коллекция Chloe осень-зима 2020-2021 2

Mini-paintings by famous artist Rita Ackermann have adorned the bags and clothes from the fashion line, giving the looks a little playful mood. And the soundtrack for the show was recorded by the cult singer Marianne Faithfull, who read French and British poetry of the past centuries to music, including Byron's poem "She walks in all its glory."

Коллекция Chloe осень-зима 2020-2021 3

In her new creative work, Natasha Ramsay-Levy suddenly reveals herself from an unexpected side. She did what was always the strictest unspoken taboo for women designers - she gave free rein to her emotions.

Коллекция Chloe осень-зима 2020-2021 4

As the couturier remarked backstage at the show, "I've finally gained confidence and am ready to show my more sensual side. It seems to me that sharing that personal is very beautiful." Today, the designer's admirers saw a vulnerable, fragile and romantic collection.

Коллекция Chloe осень-зима 2020-2021 5

The show became the embodiment of the idea of the creative power of women. This is a story about a gentle and sweet girl who boldly keeps up with the times, and is absolutely sure - as long as you really love what you do, everything becomes possible for you.

Коллекция Chloe осень-зима 2020-2021 7

It is not for nothing that one of the jewelry even has an inscription: "Girls forward", which may well be called the main motto of the fashion show. And today we see how a strong personality is born from a timid girl, but still with a soft and subtle soul.

Коллекция Chloe осень-зима 2020-2021 8

The entire collection is literally imbued with the atmosphere of the last century. The style of the 60s and 70s is taken here as the basis for fashionable bows. Quilted coats and sheepskin coats, shirt dresses and trouser suits, blouses with puffy sleeves and fitted jackets, cozy knitwear and flowing textures - we can easily add everything from the presented collection to our everyday wardrobe.

Коллекция Chloe осень-зима 2020-2021 9

I advise you to take a closer look at the details. For example, these are detachable lace and fur collars, drop cutouts, metal badges and stripes, decorative buttons and avant-garde jewelry. In almost every fashionable look, a bright accent on the waist is made with the help of a wide belt. And the real highlight was the prints, where, along with abstract patterns, there is a check, polka dots, and the famous colorful paisley pattern.

Коллекция Chloe осень-зима 2020-2021 10

I liked the soft and calm colors. Beige, chocolate, red, terracotta, blue and deep green shades were successfully diluted with a delicate pastel palette. Thin fabrics are ideally combined with denser textures, and the silhouette turned out with clear lines, but at the same time free, feminine, absolutely not pinched, flying and relaxed.

Коллекция Chloe осень-зима 2020-2021 11

Even in spite of the shoes presented in the collection with elements of masculine style. Lace-up boots in a duet with warm socks, ankle boots with stable heels - very comfortable, comfortable, and just right for the cold season.