Bottega Veneta Fall 2020 Winter 2021 in Milan. What a modern woman would like to wear.

On the penultimate day of Milan Fashion Week, the renowned brand Bottega Veneta presented its new fall-winter 20/21 collection. And as always, in order to be the first to be aware of the main trends of the upcoming cold season, the most famous audience gathered to watch the fashion show.

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Here are well-known musicians, and chief editors of glossy publications, and film stars, and bloggers - everyone who is not indifferent to the fashion industry, including fashion novelties under the brand name of the Italian company Bottega Veneta.

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The fashion show was accompanied by the sound of live music, and the set design consisted of projectors on which the statues of the Renaissance "came to life". While working on the new collection, lead designer and creative director of the brand Daniel Lee constantly asked himself the same question: "What would a modern woman like to wear to feel elegant and at the same time comfortable?" And as you can now see, my dear viewers, the answer here is quite clear and obvious.

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Knitwear. Pliable, soft, pleasant to the touch. It can be easily combined with clothes of any texture, and it is the knitted ensembles that will be able to most accurately embody the master's idea and convey the flight of the couturier's creative imagination.

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According to the designer, the history of Bottega Veneta began with softness - in the direct sense of the word. So he decided not to reinvent the wheel: after all, softness in clothes is practically synonymous with comfort, and knitwear ideally combines both of these concepts.

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In addition, Daniel Lee once admitted that he spends a lot of time at La Scala, watching dance shows. Nothing hinders the dancers' movements, their clothes are pliable and comfortable.

Bottega Veneta осень-2020 зима-2021 6

It was this fact that became the source of inspiration for the creation of a new fashion line, where every thing seems to follow you. The dynamics of fashionable images was also supported by the long fringe, which you will see not only on dresses and skirts, but also on trousers, tunics and even on fur coats or fur coats.

Bottega Veneta осень-2020 зима-2021 7

The next element that I would like to highlight separately is the flying sequin dresses and clothes strewn with a million sparkling rhinestones. There was also a place in the fashion collection for lace ensembles.

Bottega Veneta осень-2020 зима-2021 8

I'm sure the bags, which the famous brand has always been famous for, will not be left without attention here. Along with traditional woven models, bags with mega-long fluffy fringes and multi-colored marshmallow-shaped clutches look no less interesting.

Bottega Veneta осень-2020 зима-2021 9

A few words should be said about shoes. In this cold season, boots and boots with a square toe and massive soles claim the title of the main trendy models. And as a stylish accessory are sunglasses in an interesting spectacular frame.

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For my part, I note that the new autumn-winter 20/21 collection from the fashion house Bottega Veneta turned out to be bold, unusual, full of risk and original solutions. How successful it will be - time will tell!