Altuzarra fall-winter 2020/2021 in Paris. From the dresser of a Chinese grandmother.

Haute couture and the best Fashion shows from famous brands, among which the collection of autumn-winter 2020/21 from the Altuzarra fashion house aroused considerable interest among the assembled public.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 1

I want to note right away that after getting acquainted with the new line of clothing and footwear for the upcoming cold season, I personally have a double impression. I really liked some things, there are interesting cut elements, new fashionable features, and some, frankly, disappointed me. But, let's talk about everything in order.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 2

The first, starting block of the fashion show, were amazing outfits made of melange tweed, wool, cashmere. Dress-coats, jackets with trousers or a skirt look great.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 3

True, I was a little surprised by the too open neckline, which is not entirely practical for the autumn, and even more so for the winter season. And also a rather high slit on the skirt, when with each step the leg is almost completely open.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 4

However, it is probably not for nothing that the main page of the replaced Altuzarra brand contains the words: “Modernity. Seductiveness. Sexuality". It is these features of fashionable clothing that allowed the company to quickly gain popularity and become famous all over the world. There are also comfortable outfits for relaxation or an evening walk, and for intense, a little hectic working days or business meetings.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 5

I definitely advise you to pay attention to the accentuated waistline. Here I put a huge plus. No baggy or oversized. The clothes fit so well that a strap or belt is not even needed.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 6

Many dresses and blouses from the new collection are complemented not only by original cuts, but also by an interesting, in my opinion, asymmetrical fastening on small buttons covered with fabric.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 7

By the way, Joseph Altazarra took unusual ideas for fashionable looks, as the designer himself said, from the dresser of his Chinese grandmother. Therefore, in many stylish outfits, elements of the culture of the East can be traced. True, some dresses with a floral pattern seemed to me too metallic in texture.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 8

While viewing the collection, I was greatly interested in knitted fishnet clothes and knitted ensembles. I hope you will also enjoy this cozy fashion line, where along with the fitted silhouettes, you will also see a free volumetric cut.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 9

The chosen color scheme is also very good. Gray, black, burgundy, blue, beige shades habitual for the cold season are successfully diluted with delicate coral, milky, bright scarlet or emerald tones.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 10

As for the models' makeup, the choice of the makeup artist this time fell on one of the most beautiful and sexy beauty tricks - the cat's eye arrow in two colors. To create them, the master used deep purple and green shades of shadows with shining textures, combining colors in sometimes unexpected, but very effective combinations.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 11

Now about what I didn’t like. The designer returned to the fashion catwalk the extravagant and theatrical feathers, which the stars of the golden age of Hollywood loved, but somehow it didn't work out for me with this decor.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 11

Moreover, all this has already been in past collections. For example, fluffy shoes. Are we going to spend the autumn season again like this spring in house slippers? I don’t want to.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 10

And the feathers at the heel on the shoe look like a girl stepped on a bird and she's just too lazy to shake them off. Although some people see such decor very elegant. The furry on the belt also seemed not particularly appropriate to me.

Altuzarra осень-зима 2020/2021 12

Even if everyone is unanimously repeating: "It's fashionable, it's beautiful." No, not mine. It didn't work out, that's all! Maybe fluffy bags. They look more like a cute pet that they took with them for a walk. Probably not very practical, but interesting.