Zimmermann Spring-Summer 2020 in New York. The anticipation of summer and vacation

At New York Fashion Week, the eminent Australian brand Zimmermann presented its new amazing spring-summer 2020 collection to the audience, once again captivating the audience with original, bright and beautiful outfits.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 1

Behind the scenes of the fashion show, Nikki Zimmermann struggled to describe the enormous flow of feelings and emotions overwhelming her that surged and captured the designer during the days of working on the fashion line of the warm season.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 3

According to the couturier, distant and sweet memories from school childhood became the inspiration for creating stylish images. Nikki talked about that dreamy mood when there are only a few days left at school before the summer holidays and all thoughts are already far from studying.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 6

At this moment, you live in anticipation of a long-awaited carefree vacation, an endless summer holiday, in anticipation of such a welcome final school bell as never before.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 7

Surely, many of you are also familiar with this agonizing feeling when there are a couple of days left before the cherished vacation and mentally you are already where the sea, sun, hot sand and complete freedom from the boring gray everyday life and city bustle.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 11

I hope that for all of us summer vacation dreams will come true.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 13

During the creation of the new collection, Zimmermann more than once recalled the documentary film about surfing "Endless Summer" she had seen when she was a child. This, first of all, was indicated by colored patchwork prints in the form of magazine covers and posters for films of the 60-70s.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 16

Drawings from the past have also adorned bulk bags. The designer paid no less attention to floral patterns, as well as to the colorful ikat technique.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 19

But the most romantic and feminine outfits are unambiguously named lace openwork dresses, blouses, skirts and trousers.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 24

Puffy sleeves, long snow-white fringes, airy ruffles and flounces perfectly coexist on a fashionable catwalk with a relaxed beach theme, a comfortable safari style or spectacular evening ensembles in rich colors of summer.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 28

The main character of the new collection from Zimmermann is a girl who always looks at the world with a smile and optimism. She cannot imagine her life without traveling and walking along the sea coast.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 31

She is among us, she lives anywhere in the world, perhaps even very far from the inviting azure expanses, but absolutely nothing and no one will interfere and forbid her to dream.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 37

According to the leading designer of the brand: “Our client comes to us not just for another new dress, but for the happiness that it brings to her. For the hope and feeling that the sun, warmth and summer are about to come to our city, and into our lives. "

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 38

In terms of the color palette, the fashion line turned out to be colorful and positive with a portion of delicate light shades. Satin shoes in rich colors and soft pastel colors are presented to match the colorful outfits.

Zimmermann весна-лето 2020 39

There is a high heel, a platform, and a flat, comfortable sole. Of the stylish accessories, it is worth highlighting an elegant bag-pouch, a belt-lace, necklaces, massive chains both in the form of jewelry and as a decor.