Tod's Fall 2020 Winter 2021 in Milan. Good taste of Italian essence.

And today, when the warm season is in full swing, we, my dear viewers, will try for a few minutes, virtually of course, to become participants in such a grand event for the fashion industry as Milan Fashion Week, where the presentation of the fall-winter 2020 collection took place. / 2021 from the fashion house Tod's.

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 1

This time, the audience was especially eagerly awaiting the new show, because it became the debut for the designer Walter Chiapponi as the creative director of the brand. In the words of the President of Tod's Group: "Chiapponi is a talented and creative Italian who knows how to combine Tod's Italian lifestyle with modern elements without losing sight of the high quality and craftsmanship that have become the basis of the brand's DNA."

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 2

Well, fashion is a capricious and fickle lady, but she loves openings. And just a few seconds after the last model left the podium, the verdict was obvious to all the assembled spectators: Walter hit right on target.

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 3

The designer did it! The new collection has good Italian taste, relaxed elegance, refined aristocracy, a modern interpretation of retro trends. And as a decorative touch - deep sensuality.

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 4

The main task set by the designer is to create a completely understandable, simple, one might say, everyday wardrobe. And from the very first fashionable image, the couturier easily convinces everyone of his intentions. Who is she - the main character of the fashion collection?

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 5

I think - an ordinary sweet girl, a little carefree city woman, but in the future - a respectable elegant lady.

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 6

So she almost overslept today, quickly jumped out of bed, in a hurry, but very skillfully, coped with the mess on her head, and threw on the best that she found in her dad's closet: loose-fitting trousers and a blue shirt of the artist , or maybe a classic beige blazer, a voluminous bomber jacket, a jacket or all the same woolen coat.

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 7

From shoes, she no longer wears the usual Tod's moccasins, but white sneakers in the spirit of Stan Smith. But do not mind sometimes changing them to graceful shoes.

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 8

By the way, the author of the collection decided to lengthen each pair of trousers by several inches, which, according to the designer's idea, gives an ideal combination with a masculine coat or jacket. But some sundresses and dresses, on the contrary, are rather short.

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 9

Endowed with tailoring talent, Kyaponi has a wonderful sense of proportions. In this collection, I think all his experience in terms of building a silhouette worked perfectly. The chosen color scheme is no less interesting. Along with the usual black, red, brown, burgundy shades of autumn, the catwalk literally explodes with a piercing scarlet color.

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 10

There are still a lot of leather clothes in the new fashion line. In the final part of the show, you will see the original patchwork leather coat, which, like the shirt and skirt, are made of recycled leather scraps. That is, from the remains of Tod’s footwear production.

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 11

A wonderful nod to sustainable development and a worthy final point in a successful debut collection. I am sure we will hear about Kyapponi more than once. Apparently, he does not lack resilience.

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 12

As the couturier said backstage at the fashion show: “I set a goal for myself - to make a full-fledged lifestyle wardrobe, filling it with trench coats, pea coats and biker jackets. Yes, a good start. In any case, the assembled audience was delighted!

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 13

Even the Tod's logo, placed in a large niche, has received a new refraction with an illuminated gold 'T' against a red velvet wall.

Tods осень 2020 зима 2021 14

Each stylish outfit from a famous brand can be a great investment and will easily fit into any basic wardrobe. All looks are absolutely wearable and at the same time only high quality, impeccable cut, convenience and comfort. I like! And I hope we learn your opinion from the comments.