The most beautiful and fashionable dresses spring-summer 2020. Fashionable style, color, length

The warm season is almost in full swing, and the gentle ray of the sun is a little timidly, but still persistently knocking on the window. Therefore, let's try to interrupt the endless cycle of household chores and talk about fashion for a few minutes.

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And even if we can't go on a trip right now, for example, no one will forbid us to make a virtual cruise through the vastness of high fashion art.

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Moreover, when it comes to such a significant item of women's wardrobe as Fashionable dress spring-summer 2020. So what styles did you decide to give the palm to? What has surprised, fascinated, confused or puzzled the fashion catwalk this season?

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Together, let's take our time and try to understand the main trends and main directions, which turned out to be the most popular among famous designers.

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Although, having looked at a lot of fashionable collections, I want to note that there are no fundamental changes in modern women's fashion today. Much will sound very familiar to you. This is probably for the best. We don't have to completely renew our wardrobe.

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So. With the arrival of warm spring days, not only nature is ready to delight us with bright colors. A sweet girl in a dress with a floral pattern is as charming and irresistible as the most luxurious bud in a blooming meadow.

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It is not for nothing that so many designers from season to season consider the floral print one of the most relevant. A translucent model from Blumarine with chic roses or a more respectable version under the Paco Rabanne brand will surely find their fans.

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How can you pass by such beauty ?! Moreover, the colorful pattern on the dresses from Prabal Gurung and the black and white combination from Ermanno Scervino look great.

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Floral embroidery and applique are no less relevant today. And if the dress of the Givenchy fashion house will remind someone of a blooming flower bed, then the summer model from Christian Dior, in my opinion, is just perfect.

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A spectacular tropical print decided to boldly compete with the flowering motifs. We now see exotic plants, overseas birds and wild jungle animals on fashionable dresses from Dolce & Gabbana or Valentino.
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There are also some rather unexpected proposals. As, for example, abstract patterns on colorful ensembles under the Alberta Ferretti brand, or comic-book drawings on stylish outfits from the Lanvan brand.

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Although retro themes are still in demand, such as tie-dye prints. The fashion house Prabal Gurung has presented its bright version of the once very popular trend.

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And if we are already talking about retro, then we should definitely mention the safari-style dress. I hope this fashion trend lingers longer in the main trends.

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Patch pockets, lapels, front closure, simple and straightforward fit. The fashion house Dolce & Gabbana chose the traditional sandy color, and the Off-White brand surprised with a fiery fiery red tone.

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The trendy cuts include a minimalist sleeveless model from Bottega Veneta, and a more classic version under the Coach brand.

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As if echoing on the semantic theme, we will add a dress-shirt to this fashionable trend. Midi or maxi, with long sleeves or without them at all - today the catwalk turned out to be generous enough for comfortable and comfortable styles.

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In a snow-white dress from Elie Tahari, you can go to the park for a romantic date, and a model from the Burberry brand may be very popular among fans of office fashion.

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In my past videos, I have repeatedly talked about such a top direction as leather clothing. So the leather dress was no exception here. For example, the Hermes fashion house has some interesting proposals.

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Personally, I was very impressed by the outfit under the Alexander McQueen brand. The contrasting combination of delicate lace and brutal black leather ultimately gives an unexpected spectacular result.

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However, leather dresses are good for spring, but hardly suitable for summer. Elegant lace models and lingerie-style dresses run the show here.

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Openwork outfits, repeating the cut of women's nightgowns, are, for example, in the new Blumarine collection, both in casual and evening versions.

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Thin straps, fitted silhouette, silk and satin fabrics, translucent textures and lace - all these are details of the current trend that knocked on our door last season, and it seems that it is in no hurry to leave.

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As, perhaps, the most daring trend of spring-summer fashion - dresses made of transparent and translucent fabrics. And the trend was offered to our fashionistas by such famous masters of style as Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine.

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Some dresses seem even too revealing. True, the defiant, free and relaxed "chiffon or mesh euphoria" is slightly smoothed out by restrained bralettes and shorts that shine through the daring outfits.

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Perhaps you will like braided or knitted patterns more. Sleek, fashionable ensembles from Celine or Altuzarra will fit perfectly into any casual wardrobe.

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Fashionable dresses made of silk or satin deserve special attention. See how delicate and soft, light and flowing texture. Delicate shimmer of silk and satin gives the outfits a special charm and aristocracy.

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The fabric pleasantly envelops the silhouette and gives a feeling of spring freshness. Noble shades of luxurious cuts from Brandon Maxwell, perfect fit of fashionable Max Mara bows, their magical beauty is simply gorgeous.

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The next trend on my list is a loose fit dress. Many people simply call it - a hoodie. Thanks to the efforts of the designers, the model does not look like a shapeless tank cover at all.

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Made of fine fabrics and lace, they intrigue and fascinate with the inconsistency and ethereality of the silhouette. Most of the couturier's loose-fitting dresses were presented in maxi-lengths.

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A good solution, for example, from the Oscar de la Renta brand, was the use of air pleats. And the fashion house Alberta Ferretti has relied on the play of colors and elegant decor.

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Romantic and truly feminine - this is how I will say about fashionable dresses with frills, ruffles and flounces. Among the admirers of this trend, for example, such well-known brands as Valentino or Michael Kors have shown themselves.

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However, other eminent brands also did not bypass the fashion trend. But if we can easily choose the retro style of the 70s from the Celine brand as casual wear, then a mini dress with lush decor from Alexander McQueen will definitely not work out for our office dress code.

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Let's just say - the fashion industry has once again been covered with a wave of tenderness, carelessness and romanticism. Tired of restrained minimalism, women of fashion look approvingly towards clothes with such decor, where each model has its own interesting character.

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Perhaps we should add dresses with puffy sleeves to romantic feminine trends. Stylists recommend that we take a closer look in the new season not only at the lovely flashlights, but also pay attention to the style of the leg of lamb.

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Oscar de la Renta or Prabal Gurung quite successfully, in my opinion, were able to combine voluminous sleeves and open shoulders. Even a bright colorful pattern did not violate the sensual delicate image.

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The next trend, I am sure, will also not go unnoticed this season. Woven raffia dresses with interesting decor in the form of fringe, wooden beads, embroidery and floral applique have been noticed by me in new collections.

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Talented craftsmen have masterfully worked with raffia. If you believe the guests of fashion shows from Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, then outfits made of unusual material are not at all prickly, as one might expect, but soft and pleasant to the body.

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I would like to say a few words about the fashionable length. In this regard, each designer in approximately equal proportions presented stylish midi, maxi and mini dresses. So we boldly choose the style that is closer to the heart.

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If you like the mini-length, then a rather short skirt is in trend today. Black mini dresses from Versace or Saint Laurent are ideal.

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Medium midi length plus an interesting cut with fashionable ruffles and flounces are in the collections of such well-known brands as Miu Miu or Off-White, where the latter added the well-known cheese boots to a stylish look.

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Among the maxi dresses, I would like to mention the boho-style model from the Etro fashion house and the elegant cuts under the Ellisabetta Franchi brand.

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As you probably already noticed, the warm season is unlikely to bring extra-cardinal changes to the world of fashion and high design art. Couturiers have only slightly rethought familiar trends.

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On the fashion catwalk, you can see, for example, the same polka dot print or striped pattern. True, the designers of the Altuzarra or Oscar de la Renta brands offered us spectacular variations of the familiar pattern.

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I will only note lastly - it is very great that the main trend today is unanimously chosen real, pure and open female beauty!