Fashionable trousers. Stylish look for the season. Street fashion

And today, when many of us are already pretty fed up with the pajama-dressing gown style, let's look at some interesting ideas for a fashionable look using the example of eminent fans of street fashion.

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Star ladies can turn even a simple trip to the supermarket into a catwalk show of new trends. Personally, I was attracted by such a stylish outfit detail as fashionable trousers.

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You should definitely add these clothes to your everyday look. So today we will try to figure out how and with what to wear fashionable styles, with what clothes and shoes to combine, what details to add to a stylish look.

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After all, as usual. If you buy a new thing, everyone keeps repeating that it is super fashionable, it is beautiful! But, looking into your basic wardrobe, you suddenly start to doubt the new thing.

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Calmly. Don't panic. Everything is simple here. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in fashionable trousers. And the best choice in this matter will be a wide free-cut model.

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These lightweight trousers go well with a denim jacket. The shirt can be effectively tied with a knot at the belt, and graceful heeled sandals can be chosen as shoes. Also, a great look for every day - wide long trousers on the floor plus a simple white shirt for graduation.

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Streetstyle activists for stylish outfits often opt for suits with ironed arrows and flying palazzo trousers in silk or linen. For the warm season, in my opinion, the perfect cut.

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Many street fashion celebrities choose to wear wide-leg pants with either a fitted solid color jacket or a masculine-style jacket. Square toe shoes will complete a respectable outfit.

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For cooler weather, you will probably have a cropped openwork knit sweater in your wardrobe. Try wearing it with loose-fitting trousers so that you can see the waist, that is, the belt of the trousers. And if the top is a little too long, you can always tuck it in.

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One of the most relevant models of the season is trousers with ties or tucks at the ankles. The new trend quickly gained popularity among fans of street fashion.

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Now streetstyle stars are sent to conquer the spacious streets of the metropolis in top styles. Moreover, such trousers will easily fit both a fashionable bow in a sporty style and a strict business outfit.

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The most inventive women of fashion tie long shoe straps over their wide trousers, thus echoing the silhouette of this season's most coveted model. I advise you to take note of an interesting feature.

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If today you just urgently need to go to the office or to a business meeting, then in your basic wardrobe, I hope there are banana trousers with a high waist. After all, this model is one of the most trendy.

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The most proven and most comfortable combination is to wear banana pants with a men's-style shirt or blouse, which we will definitely tuck into our belt. So we emphasize the waist, and you will see an interesting cut of the trousers - grooves, tucks or folds.

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A formal jacket and flat shoes will make your outfit more formal and businesslike. Only a basket bag will add a touch of romanticism. But you can choose a weightless openwork blouse as the top. Glasses, a trendy clutch and braided sandals will help create miss perfection.

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On a cool day, banana pants can be combined well with a thin cardigan or sweatshirt. Again, we tuck it into the belt so as not to distort the proportions of the figure. The waistline can be emphasized with a thin strap. And, perhaps, we will choose shoes with heels.

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Leather pants. Many call them nostalgia for the distant 80s. I can’t definitely call this particular piece of clothing an obligatory part of the basic wardrobe. Personally, I somehow did not have this fashionable duet.

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But the stars of street fashion, as I noticed, simply adore fashionable leather clothes today, namely, leather trousers. Preference Given - black, burgundy, caramel and beige shades. Although there are brighter interesting colors in the assortment of our fashionistas.

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Lavender leather trousers can, for example, be combined with an airy white blouson by throwing a dusty pink jacket over your shoulders. And to the model in a noble burgundy tone, let's add a simple cotton shirt and a dark blue jacket. The final chord here will be made by a stylish bag.

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If you like the usual classic black scale, then I think it will not be difficult to choose the top for such trousers. The most spectacular images are obtained by playing in contrast - brutal bottom, romantic top.

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Next on my fashion list are joggers that are comfy and comfortable. At first glance, these are ordinary sweatpants, but with the light hand of street fashion stars, these clothes confidently migrated from a sports wardrobe to a basic one, becoming part of a stylish look for every day.

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A fashionable bow looks quite respectable, where loose leather trousers with an elastic band are at the bottom, and the top is a tight-fitting golf, turtleneck or thin sweater. Sharp-toed mules with a glass heel and a tote bag complete the stylish ensemble.

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On a warm summer evening, a trendy one-shoulder short top plus joggers is a ready-made look, and on a cool spring day, you can throw a denim jacket, shirt or windbreaker over your shoulders.

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Personally, I am amazed by such a duet as sweatpants, and even with stripes, and a romantic feminine blouse with puffy sleeves or airy flounces. But street style stars confidently prove that paired with classic shoes and an elegant handbag, you get quite an office option.

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A cozy, casual look can be composed of a thin knitted cardigan plus a T-shirt, T-shirt or turtleneck and joggers in both light and dark colors. Accessories can be more effective - a stylish bag, an elegant hat, sunglasses, fashionable earrings.

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You can also add such an attractive style as cropped trousers to your wardrobe. As you, for example, an option with a low rise, patch pockets and in dark khaki. Here, it was decided to choose a simple short top as the top.

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And there is also a more explosive combination. Light safari short pants in duet with jacket in trendy neon tone. To match the outerwear, bright pumps. Perhaps you will like the duet in a soft milky tone more to your taste.

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Anyone who prefers a high waist, I advise you to pay attention to cropped trousers with a corset belt. A thin strap will once again accentuate the waist. Such a model will make any figure visually slimmer.

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Another plus in favor of the shortened style is the opportunity to better demonstrate to everyone the new fashionable shoes. For example, stylish sneakers or graceful gold sandals with thin straps.

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And finally, a few words about the classics. Despite all sorts of modern variations of fashionable trousers, classic cut models have always been, are and will be in the arsenal of street fashion stars.

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In addition, it is not at all necessary to choose only a modest black color. In the arsenal of every fashionista, there will certainly be both white trousers and models of a bright and juicy color palette.

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As you can see, everything is simple. To create a fashionable look, such clothes as trousers are a very versatile, stylish and comfortable thing. And if you are afraid to make a mistake in your choice, I advise you to take a closer look at the top pantsuits.