Leather skirt. What to wear with. The most fashionable style.

And today such a wonderful item of basic wardrobe as a Leather Skirt has got into our fashionable lens. Street fashion fans, street style stars, and certainly many of you, my dear viewers, will gladly wear these fashionable clothes.

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It may not be very comfortable to wear a leather skirt in hot summer, but spring or autumn is the best time to show off a stylish new thing. The main thing is to think over and create a fashionable image correctly.

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True, not all modern models are made of natural material. So I will call a leather skirt conventionally. After all, eminent brands today advocate the preservation of nature and most of the outfits are made from eco-leather.

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So. The familiar pencil skirt. Our good old classic, which is unlikely to ever lose its relevance. She seems to be taking a step back, giving way to new styles, and immediately again leads the fashionable Olympus.

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Any schoolgirl knows that this model is the best for creating a strict business image, not to mention inveterate fashionistas. Just don't call the pencil skirt too formal.

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To make your fashionable look go beyond the strict business woman, it is enough to combine, for example, a leather model in black with a linen top or a T-shirt plus a simple shirt in black and red check. Or choose a romantic blouse with a delicate floral pattern as the top.

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A great pair is obtained by combining a leather skirt and a leather jacket. A metal belt accentuates the waist, and thin-rimmed sunglasses complete the outfit.

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Although most often, modern young ladies prefer the time-tested everyday duet - a pencil skirt and a turtleneck, a thin tight-fitting sweater or a golf. But look at how perfect the fashionable ensemble looks, where the strict model is complemented by a snow-white knitted cardigan.

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To create luxurious elegant bows, I advise you to pay attention to leather maxi skirts. If there is a desire to choose an unusual festive look, then elegant tops, blouses with mesh or lace will be the best solution as a top.

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But the most ideal I will call a midi-length leather skirt. It can be easily and simply combined with any clothing. The main thing is that the cut is not too narrow, however not too wide, and that the model fits comfortably on the hips and does not dangle at the waist.

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A black leather skirt can be complemented, for example, with a mesh top, throwing a graceful lace coat over your shoulders. Frankness and respectability in one bottle. But, change the top to a romantic crop top, cardigan or simple T-shirt - and we get a casual, non-binding outfit.

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The next option is to tuck a fairly voluminous top into the skirt belt. Sweatshirt, jumper or sweater - it doesn't matter. The main thing is to have a tight knit. A thin thing does not have a pronounced texture and will look too simple. The emphasis on the waist is guaranteed here.

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Making sometimes a difficult choice among fashionable styles, I advise you to pay attention to the wrap skirt. It is on the leather model that such an element of the cut looks especially beautiful, because the dense fabric gives the silhouette a clearly "traced" image.

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Try pairing a zip skirt with an oversized chunky sweater. As footwear, let there be stylish boots with an accordion shaft. But even a regular T-shirt plus graceful pumps will do. After all, this style already looks quite impressive.

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You might prefer the leather skirt with the front closure. And don't be intimidated by the banal combination - white top, black bottom. Try swapping your classic stiletto heels for rough boots, and throw on a trench coat or coat with a bold graphic over your shoulders.

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One of the trendy features of the season is the combination of different textures. Therefore, we can safely combine a skirt made of black brutal leather, for example, with a sexy openwork blouse or a more respectable, but the same airy model with a bow collar.

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Mini leather skirt. This style has long become a symbol of spring, youth and female attractiveness for us. Let's try not to overload the stylish look with details. A simple T-shirt, tank top or shirt will make a good match with a leather miniskirt.

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In cool weather, you can throw a short biker jacket over your shoulders, or vice versa - a long cozy knitted cardigan, a light cashmere coat, raincoat or jacket.

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Although street style stars are always ready to surprise us with bold outfits. The miniskirt in deep red sings here in unison with an equally vibrant printed blouse. And the neon yellow shade of the second leather model successfully echoes the trendy tie-dye colors.

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By the way, colored skin is mega-popular today. And if a skirt in a too flashy tone is not your choice, I advise you to pay attention to more restrained but no less interesting options, where not only color, but also style plays the main role.

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Let's combine a leather skirt in sweet caramel or chocolate tones, for example, with a cozy Oversize sweater in a delicate white color and the same light boots with an accordion toe. You get a comfortable, relaxed silhouette. An image with a white blouse or shirt is also good in its own way.

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If the skirt is adorned with a snake print or, say, a floral pattern, let the top be still plain clothes that will not overshadow, but only emphasize and complement an interesting model. In this case, it is made of eco-leather.
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And finally, I want to say that my review is not a strict instruction for action, but only a few, in my opinion, successful ideas and tips in creating a stylish image that can be seen on city streets today.