Gucci Resort 2020 in Rome. The world of the past

And today I want to introduce you to the new RESORT 2020 collection from the Gucci Fashion House. The presentation of the bright show took place in Rome and, as always, turned out to be in the spirit of the eminent brand - unpredictable and shocking.

Gucci Resort 2020 1

At the entrance to the Capitoline Museum, where the show was held, the invited viewers were greeted by a huge poster with a quote from the French historian and archaeologist Paul Wein: “Because only pagan antiquity could awaken my desire.

Gucci Resort 2020 6

Because it was the world of the past, because it was a world that no longer exists. "

Gucci Resort 2020 11

It is the "World of the Past" - this is the name given to the new cruise collection from Gucci. Models walked among the ancient statues in the semi-darkness, illuminated only by torches that were placed on the guests' seats.

Gucci Resort 2020 24

The entire entourage of the fashion show and the images presented here speak of different historical eras: Antiquity is symbolized by toga capes worn on the naked bodies of models, the Middle Ages - outfits in the style of clergymen, modernity is represented by the popular cartoon character Mickey Mouse. His image could be seen on sweaters and bags.

Gucci Resort 2020 28

But not only significant milestones in history have become the leading theme of the new collection. In the middle of the show, after feathers, rhinestones and shiny fabrics, a purple jacquard pantsuit appeared on the catwalk. On the back was written in large letters "My body, my choice."

Gucci Resort 2020-36

Alessandro Michele, the company's lead designer and creative director, explained at a press conference after the fashion show: "Women need to be respected ... they need to be free to choose what they want."

Gucci Resort 2020 37

The designer said that part of the collection was designed and completed literally 24 hours before the show.

Gucci Resort 2020 58

This was a kind of reaction to the "breaking news" that shook the whole world when they decided to ban abortion in Alabama, Missouri, Ohio and Georgia.

Gucci Resort 2020 65

Alessandro Michele and, by extension, Gucci, take a clear position here against reproductive injustice. This is not the first time a brand has supported social movements. And today the couturier has expressed his opinion so clearly.

Gucci Resort 2020 66

It was very important for Alessandro to organize a fashion show in Rome to honor and glorify the city of freedom.

Gucci Resort 2020 87

The new collection from Gucci RESORT 2020 turned out, as always, eccentric, extraordinary, bold and a little crazy.

Gucci Resort 2020 95

See, discuss, write your opinion in the comments. And I will say briefly: “IT just needs to be seen!”.