Slouchy jeans are easy to add to any fashion look

Today, once again looking into my wardrobe, every time I am convinced that jeans have become for me, and probably for you, the most popular and most versatile clothing.

Джинсы Slouchy

I'm sure there is never too much denim. And if you once again decided on a denim new thing, I advise you to pay attention to jeans-slots.

Джинсы Slouchy

Let's try to figure out together why this model is so interesting, what type of figure is more suitable, and what the most relevant fashionable images were offered to us by fans of street fashion, Instagram stars and just inveterate fashionistas.

Джинсы Slouchy 3

So. To begin with, it is worth deciding what kind of fashionable style it is - jeans-slots and what they are ... no, they do not eat, but they still wear them. By the way, in a direct translation, the name sounds like awkward, sloppy, baggy, careless.

Джинсы Slouchy 1-2

As for me, this is not a very good comparison, because we are talking about clothes for cute girls. I advise you not to confuse the new model with MAM jeans or bananas.

Джинсы Slouchy 1-3

Yes, they have the same high waist and have folds or darts at the waist, but the legs are much wider, especially in the knee area. Pockets are usually not classic, but slanting. The jeans are shortened in length, and the bottom is often worn with a turn-up.

Джинсы Slouchy 1-4

Slouchy, in my opinion, successfully emphasize the seductive female silhouette and give more volume where it is needed. Or, on the contrary, they will visually hide plump hips or not particularly slender legs.

Джинсы Slouchy 2-1

Asking the question of what type of figure the slots are suitable for, I want to note that for owners of rather curvy shapes, such jeans are unlikely to add harmony. And I advise girls with a pear figure to be careful when choosing a fashionable style.

Джинсы Slouchy 2-2

For an hourglass figure, in general, any denim model will definitely work, but if you have narrow hips and wide shoulders, that is, an inverted triangle figure, jeans-slots will certainly make the silhouette as close to ideal as possible.

Джинсы Slouchy 2-3

The main thing that we all know about is to correctly combine a stylish style with other clothes. At the same time, not to be mistaken with the choice of shoes and it is advisable to add interesting accessories to the fashionable image, although it is desirable in a minimum amount.

Джинсы Slouchy 3-1

For example, try the simplest combination: jeans plus a basic tank top or T-shirt. Be sure to tuck it into the belt of your trousers. So we will emphasize the waist once again, and the legs will seem at least a little longer. Elegant shoes with thin heels will become a luxurious addition.

Джинсы Slouchy 3-2

True, I prefer a sporty style more and at every opportunity I am ready to change high heels for sneakers or sneakers. Perhaps this topic will seem closer to you.

Джинсы Slouchy 4-1

When paired with a form-fitting golf or turtleneck, the same principle works. We just change shoes or light sandals for rough boots or boots with a high platform. Here, the trousers on the bottom do not need to be tucked up.

Джинсы Slouchy 4-2

If you decide to add a little volume, a pair would be an excellent choice - jeans plus a jumper, an oversized sweater, or a chunky cropped cardigan. Shoes - the same boots or boots with wide soles - this is the first case, but I would look closer at more feminine ankle boots.

Джинсы Slouchy 5-1

Slouchy jeans, like any other denim garment, are not only comfortable but also versatile. In the morning you can go to work in them, where you will have a fairly strict cotton white shirt as the top, and fashionable ankle boots with a pointed toe and high laces on your feet.

Джинсы Slouchy 5-2

In the evening, we will try to change our shirt to a seductive top or short T-shirt, put on a leather jacket over our shoulders and with pleasure we will go to the azure sea to admire the sunset or drop by with friends to our favorite cafe to chat a little over a cup of fragrant tea.

Джинсы Slouchy 6-1

In cool weather, a trendy outfit can always be complemented with a stylish coat. Just do not forget to tuck a sweater, jumper or turtleneck into your belt so as not to disturb the proportions of your figure. A thin leather belt will perfectly accentuate the waist.

Джинсы Slouchy 6-2

On especially cold days, we boldly tuck jeans into our boots. This trend became fashionable last season, but today it has not lost its relevance. And again we see an accent element - a belt in a contrasting color.

Джинсы Slouchy 7-2

Slouchy jeans go well with a simple, classic jacket. Moreover, the images can turn out to be radically opposite in style and character. The choice of the color of the fashionable style played an important role here.

Джинсы Slouchy 8-1

I advise you to pay attention to how, with a successful combination, a seemingly baggy and not quite elegant model can become part of a delicate feminine image. A blouse with flounces, an elegant hat, a belt with shiny decor, shoes with heels - every detail plays its own romantic melody in this ensemble.

Джинсы Slouchy 8-2

If you have a completely different mood and want more dynamics, drive, bright colors and positive emotions, let's change the neutral white color to a bold and hot yellow, and instead of a chic hat we choose a stylish panama hat.

Джинсы Slouchy 9-1

By the way, today jeans are in trend not only in the usual, one might say classic, blue palette. Especially in street fashion. I advise you to look at equally interesting options in beige or dusty coral tone.

Джинсы Slouchy 9-2

The main thing is not to overload the fashionable bow with too different contrasting colors and all kinds of details. Here stylists advise us to stick to minimalistic solutions.

Джинсы Slouchy 9-3

As you can see, with the help of loose jeans you can very well diversify your wardrobe. It is easy to combine with them both new and familiar things, creating bright stylish outfits.

Джинсы Slouchy 10-1

Just be bold in your decisions, do not be afraid of fashionable experiments, and, I hope, these simple tips from famous fashionistas and street style stars will definitely come in handy for you.