Chanel fall 2020 winter 2021 in Paris. Romance and horse riding

And today I want to present to your judgment a new collection autumn-winter 2020/2021 from the fashion house Chanel. The iconic French brand still keeps its mark, gathering a huge number of eminent audiences during the show. Fashionistas and fashionistas from all over the world arrived at Paris Fashion Week to be the first to be aware of all the Fashion-novelties of the next season.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 1

Romance and horse riding - this is how I would voice the main theme that became a source of inspiration for the creation of a new fashion line for the upcoming cold season. Leading designer and creative director of the company Virginie Viard has not for the first time decided to turn to the archives of the brand and leaf through old photos a little. Horseback riding has always been the favorite pastime of high society. Coco Chanel herself also showed considerable interest in this occupation.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 2

An unforgettable, incomparable feeling of freedom, when the wind gets tangled in your hair and a fast horse rushes the rider to new open spaces. It is the word "Freedom" that most succinctly characterizes the main idea of the fashion collection.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 3

The designer invites us to look at things in a new way. Don't be too serious. It is better to approach the choice of clothes lightly and naturally.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 4

As Viard herself said: "We want to feel free. The main message of the fashion line is that you can easily go out and move, and not just show off."

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 5

I noticed that there are practically no dresses in the new collection, but there is a wide selection of trousers with slits on the sides, which effectively reveal legs when walking, as well as several interesting skirts with high slits.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 6

The designer did not forget to pay attention to a variety of tweed jackets, without which it is impossible to imagine the fashion house of Chanel. True, they can no longer be called classic.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 7

Fashionable outfits are fully filled with the spirit of freedom, rebellion and the energy of youth, although they are seasoned with the signature style of the famous brand.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 8

Today, strict geometry has been replaced by softness and roundness of forms: puffy sleeves on dresses and blouses, fitted long coats, skirts with a cascade of flounces, loose-fitting trousers. Tenderness and sensuality are now held in high esteem in the modern fashion industry.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 9

The beauty of any Chanel collection is in the details that can only be noticed on closer inspection.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 10

Even today, some of the unusual elements are metal fasteners on the side cuts, a barely noticeable brand logo in the form of a pattern on black tights, turn-down white collars, scalloped edges, satin bands or a chain belt at the waist.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 11

As for the color palette, the traditionally fashionable ball is ruled by black and white, only occasionally giving way to warm coral, delicate lime, chocolate or olive tones.
Virginie Viard, like the great master of design art Karl Lagerfeld, also pays a lot of attention to accessories.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 12

In her new collection, fans of Chanel handbags saw a lot of models, for which very soon they will line up. Among the most interesting are micro-wallets with a long handle made of large pearls, velvet clutches decorated with brooches, and neat quilted bags with many chains.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 13

Jewelry is also worthy of attention: rather large earrings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets. Despite the massive form, they absolutely do not overload the image, but only add a little note of bright glamor.

Chanel осень 2020 зима 2021 14

By the way, during the show, some girls went to the podium in pairs or groups of three. They smiled, chatted at ease with each other, and at that moment it seemed as if the audience was not at a fashion show in the ceremonial hall, but just in the park for a walk. Such a light atmosphere was supposed to emphasize the modern free style of the new collection.