Burberry Fall 2020 Winter 2021 in London. Memories of years of study

And today, when we have not yet had time to get tired of warm and sunny days, I still want to offer you a little glimpse into the future in order to find out how the upcoming cold season will surprise us. After all, the last London Fashion Week turned out to be quite rich in new trends and bold creative solutions.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 1

Among the most interesting fashion shows, I want to highlight the fall-winter 2020/2021 collection from the fashion house Burberry.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 2

After his somewhat timid debut, the creative director of the company, Ricardo Tisci, has already fully mastered his position and today confidently presents his vision of a universal women's wardrobe, where free street style is closely intertwined with the classics for which the iconic British brand has always been famous.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 3

"Memories" - this is the name of the new fashion line perfectly expresses everything that inspired the designer to create this autumn-winter collection.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 4

In many ways, he relied on his personal archive collected during his travels. The couturier suddenly decided to talk "about personal": to recall the years of study at the University of London, as well as the time he spent in India.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 5

It would seem that what can unite Foggy Albion and exotic India? Believe it or not - a cage!

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 6

There is a huge amount of it in the collection: on pantsuits and bags, on silk blouses and shoes, coats and jackets, trench coats and jackets. But no less worthy looked on the catwalk and monochrome images.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 7

But what I personally liked especially was that the strict and restrained, let's say, “truly British” color palette can suddenly burst into bright bold shades: yellow, blue, olive, red or burgundy.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 8

“It took me a long time to find my way into Burberry,” Ricardo Tisci said backstage at the show. “It's a pretty big company, but this collection represents my vision best, so I wanted to show something related to my past. ".

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 9

Although, I want to note that in the new fashion line, if there is a specific appeal to retro trends, then everything is in some unthinkable way intertwined with new avant-garde solutions.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 10

Here, almost every thing, like a designer, is assembled from two or more details that are completely different in style and character.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 11

Some parts of the clothes were not sewn, but simply connected with rings, or instead of a scarf around the neck there was a cut-off collar from a sweater, the down jacket suddenly flows smoothly into a trench coat, and the sneakers have no sports soles at all. And all this fashionable ball is ruled by a unique mix of prints and layering.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 12

Many experts and fashion critics were delighted with the presented collection and called it one of the strongest works of designer Ricardo Tisci during his tenure at the renowned company.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 13

The couturier managed, in their opinion, to refresh the established classics, to update the traditional British brand with a rich history with a more modern, youthful street style.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 14

In my opinion, the collection is quite a success! Yes, not everything is wearable, especially when our forms are far from ideal. Yes, there are some outfits in this show, in which even a supermodel looks like a woman on a teapot.

Burberry осень 2020 зима 2021 15

Or maybe just the angle is not chosen well. But in general, everything worked out! And we will also see the famous new Burberry.