Valentino spring-summer 2020 in Paris. Lightness and airiness of images.

One of the most anticipated at Paris Fashion Week is the new spring-summer 2020 collection from the Valentino fashion house. The creative director of the brand, Pierpaolo Piccioli, as always does not get tired of surprising fans of the famous brand with a whole series of spectacular images, new ideas and fresh solutions.

Valentino весна-лето 2020 1

And how soon does a designer manage to turn everything he touches into couture ?! So this time, he used the same techniques for a fashionable line of more casual ensembles.

Valentino весна-лето 2020 2

For example, the first block of the warm season collection includes 12 snow-white outfits, where it was decided to take an ordinary white shirt as a basis. Indeed, what could be simpler and better than such an ordinary and comfortable garment from our basic wardrobe?

Valentino весна-лето 2020 3

As Pierpaolo Piccioli himself explains: “I wanted to work on something universal, in order to return to the basics, in fact - to the form and volume, so I ruled out the color. I worked on the idea of a simple white shirt, but I treated it with the best haute couture tradition. "

Valentino весна-лето 2020 4

And now, thanks to this turn, we see amazing, airy silhouettes on the fashion catwalk. Here, dresses with puffy sleeves, decorated with ruffles and ruffles or with feathers, on the one hand, are ideal as an evening option, and on the other, they can be easily imagined as a daily outfit for the first half of the day.

Valentino весна-лето 2020 5

Further, in the spring-summer collection, a color appears, without which it is already impossible to imagine the Valentino brand. Monochrome white looks are replaced by equally airy, flying outfits of bright neon colors. Juicy shades of ripe lime, peach or orange, fresh spring greens, bold fuchsia or deep grape literally blew up the fashion show.

Valentino весна-лето 2020 6

And I want to point out that the designer is not at all afraid to overdo it with brightness. Colorful tropical prints, drawings with lush vegetation of the wild jungle or mischievous monkeys, luxurious floral applique, decor made of rhinestones, beads and sequins filled every fashionable outfit with special energy, optimism, and simply - the desire to live and enjoy every ray of the warm sun. After all, in such clothes it is simply impossible to be sad.

Valentino весна-лето 2020 7

The general impression of lightness and airiness of magnificent images is created by soft drapery, pleats, flowing transparent fabrics, as well as many frills and flounces.

Valentino весна-лето 2020 8

Flying feather fringes, deep neckline or romantic bows - everything speaks of the designer's desire to once again emphasize the beauty of the female silhouette, smooth lines, ease of gait and a sensual, gentle character. Even black does not look gloomy here.

Valentino весна-лето 2020 9

Accessories deserve special attention, as always. I would especially like to mention Valentino jewelry. They are perfectly styled after the tropical jungle theme: massive bracelets imitating palm bark, thin necklaces with pendants and long earrings in the shape of monkeys or exotic leaves and flowers.

Valentino весна-лето 2020 10

In general, a very sincere, bright, cheerful spring-summer 2020 collection. The audience gathered at the show once again gave a standing ovation, giving the designer and his talented team a sea of admiration and grateful applause.