Fashion bags spring-summer 2020. Trends, colors, shapes of the season

And today I have chosen for you a very interesting topic in my opinion - Fashionable women's bag spring-summer 2020. We cannot do without this wonderful accessory in the new warm season.

Модные сумки весна-лето 2020 1

In the new collections of famous brands, there was a place for both restrained classics and extraordinary bright models. So each of you, even if you are not a desperate fashionista, will surely have a reason to replenish your bag collection.

сумки больших

I will start my review with one of the most popular trends today - large, one might even say huge bags. In the new season, from mini and micro models, designers have made a sharp 180-degree turn towards roomy volumetric options.

микро моделей сумок

But, huge shoppers or large-scale tots still left a place on the podium for micro options. In the new season, miniature handbags, wallets, coin holders, purses from Burberry or Dolce & Gabbana will easily fit even in the palm of your hand.

плетеные сумки

Wicker bags remain the undisputed leader of both the past and the current season. Leather weaving is often chosen by business women who want to look formal and charming at the same time.

вязаные сумки

Knitted hand-made models look no less interesting both in bright neon colors under the Prabal Gurung brand, and in a delicate milky color from the fashion house of Alexander McQueen.


For warm spring and hot summer, a romantic basket bag will be an excellent choice. A fashion accessory from Celine will help create a look in the spirit of the 70s, while a more laconic model from Dolce-Gabbana will successfully complement any everyday outfit.


The bag-bag remains in trend. She has already become the hallmark of the Christian Dior fashion house. However, Zimmermann also has its own version. The main thing is that this model is voluminous and roomy.

стёганная сумка

But I like the next fashion trend. If you have not yet had time to replenish your bag collection with a quilted model, I advise you to take a closer look at the options where the bag seems to be assembled from large blown squares.

Сумку с огромными дырами

Sometimes designers, trying to surpass themselves, complement fashionable outfits with fantastic accessories. A bag with huge holes that looks like a piece of cheese or a woven model with a breathtakingly long fringe from the Off-White brand is not practical. But the photos on Instagram with them turn out to be cool.


The same cannot be said about the simpler and more understandable bucket bag. Moreover, some designers took this name literally, and at the fashion show of the collection from Marni, girls came out onto the catwalk, carrying bags exactly like buckets in their hands.

поясных сумок

As for the belt bags - this trend is gradually losing its popularity, only occasionally reminding that free hands are sometimes very convenient. At the Off-White brand, the belt bag has been transformed into a wide belt.

сумки геометрические формы

I want to note that in the fashionable world of bags, strict geometry often rules the show. And in this warm season, designers have chosen various geometric shapes for new models. For example, a triangle like the Balenciaga brand, or a circle from the Salvatore Ferragamo collection.

ремешок на сумке

Among the most striking details, I would like to highlight the additional strap on the bag. In models from Christian Dior, it is wide enough, fabric, even with additional decor.

сумка Хищный принт

Predatory print and embossing under the skin of reptiles, I, perhaps, will call today classics of the genre. It is not for nothing that a crocodile leather handbag has always been considered a sign of the elite. Such accessories look too textured and secular. True, there are few such models in the new collections.

сумки из комбинированных материалов

It is much easier to cope with the task at hand with bags made of combined materials. Today it is also one of the most relevant trends. In addition, designers combine not only different colors and textures, but also different techniques in creating a bag.

сумка с логотипом

Many designers are absolutely sure that even your own logo can be a stylish addition to any purse. Although logomania has faded into the background, almost every fashion collection has at least one bag with the brand's name.

трендовая сумка

No matter how varied and unpredictable the new trendy bag may be, a simple and understandable model in a minimalist style will probably never go out of fashion. Clear lines, correct geometric shape, no decorations and a minimum of decor.

Модные сумки 2

No wonder they say - all ingenious is simple. What bags do you like? For example, among fashion trends I have already looked after several models to my liking, but there are also such bags among them that I would never buy.