Saint Laurent Spring-Summer 2020 in Paris. Go for hippie glamor style

Another review of the new spring-summer 2020 collection. This time the famous brand Saint Laurent will surprise you with luxurious stylish outfits. The show was held as part of Paris Fashion Week, and the venue was the platform in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Saint Laurent Весна-лето 2020 1

From the huge black space where the podium was located, columns of bright white light from hundreds of powerful searchlights literally cut the night sky. And I want to point out that Anthony Vaccarello, lead designer and creative director of the brand, has very skillfully linked one of the most iconic landmarks in Paris with his ambitious and daring collection.

Saint Laurent Весна-лето 2020 2

The lights of the Iron Lady effectively played along with the impressive atmosphere of the laser show, which became something between a grandiose city open-air show, a popular rock concert and a demonstration of the brand's power and influence in the world of high fashion and design art.

Saint Laurent Весна-лето 2020 3

Once Walter Scott in one of his poems invented the word Glamor. With this concept, he designated special magic, the most powerful magic. It transforms people and everything that surrounds them into examples of splendor and luxury, into a more perfect version of themselves.

Saint Laurent Весна-лето 2020 4

Attractiveness and seduction are the key ingredients of glamor. And the new collection from Saint Laurent Spring-Summer 2020 has become the absolute embodiment of this idea.

Saint Laurent Весна-лето 2020 5
Who is she - the main character on the fashion catwalk? A modern romantic Frenchwoman or a hardened Parisian party girl from a nightclub, a fairy witch with a love potion or an overseas princess in a golden outfit.

Saint Laurent Весна-лето 2020 6

Perhaps a daring and sexy fan of the total black style or the star of social events, and it is her that we often see on the glossy pages of the glamorous press.

Saint Laurent Весна-лето 2020 7

In general, each fashionable image is bright, incendiary, a little heady in its own way, with a touch of French charm of the 70s and a deep curtsy in tribute to the elegance of the famous brand.

Saint Laurent Весна-лето 2020 8

The new Saint Laurent collection for spring-summer 2020 includes micro-shorts and bermuda shorts, jackets with pointed shoulders and shirts, translucent blouses and dresses with openwork embroidery, overalls, vests, clothes made of noble velvet or strewn with a million sequins. This is not the first time a tuxedo has taken a special place.

Saint Laurent Весна-лето 2020 9

You will see one of them in the final part of the show, where the main surprise for the guests of the fashion show was prepared. The appearance of supermodel Naomi Campbell in a trouser suit embroidered with black shimmering sequins made the desired effect on the assembled audience.

Saint Laurent Весна-лето 2020 10

Well, France has always been able to surprise. And for the sake of acquaintance with the sensual and, I would even say, enchanting beauty, with interesting, tempting, bold and vivid images, it was quite worth organizing such a large-scale show, where at first you catch the whole silhouette with your gaze, and then you want to slowly, without hurrying to carefully consider every detail