Max Mara Resort 2020 in Berlin. Marlene Dietrich style

Let's take a look together at what Max Mara has offered in its Resort 2020 cruise collection. The show was held at the famous museum in Berlin, which houses one of the world's most valuable collections of prehistoric artifacts.

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Moreover, the German capital was not chosen by chance. As Max Mara says: “Berlin is a beacon for art.

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And the local architecture is a huge source of inspiration for all creative personalities. ”After all, the architectural cut has always been one of the key features of Max Mara's design.

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In the new cruise collection, Ian Griffiths, the company's artistic director and creative director, has decided to combine the created fashion images with the atmosphere of Berlin and the heritage of the museum itself.

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For example, the metallic threads are a reference to ancient artifacts kept in the museum, and the Berlin gold hat, an artifact from the Bronze Age, served as the key idea for the sculptural decorations.

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The inspiration for the designer was the style of Marlene Dietrich. “She was bold and flexible in her approach to gender: she wore a man's suit in the 30s, while she was one of the highest paid actresses in the world.

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This play with femininity and masculinity is very close to Max Mara, ”commented Ian Griffiths on the new collection.

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Marlene's style can be seen in wide trousers with raw edges, oversized coats, sharp-shouldered jackets and translucent turtlenecks.

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The "Berlin coat" can be safely called the star of the collection. Impeccable cut, pure alabaster shade, accentuated shoulders and a neat floral arrangement as decoration.

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The images for the most part turned out to be monochrome, but all the colors resonate perfectly with each other.

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And I want to note that the popular Max Mara brand is famous for precisely what they know exactly what to wear, how to wear and what to wear with in order to look elegant, stylish, status and expensive every day.

The name Max Mara is easy to pronounce in any language. Perhaps this is one of the secrets of the brand's international popularity.