Fendi Resort 2020 in Milan. Cruise clothing

And today I want to introduce you to the new and rather interesting Resort 2020 collection from the Fendi Fashion House.

Fendi Resort 2020

The show took place in Milan, and it was the first cruise collection created without the participation of Karl Lagerfeld.

It was developed by Sylvia Venturini Fendi, who, together with Karl, was directly involved in the creation of new fashion masterpieces throughout her life. Sylvia got inspiration for her creative work after watching a detective thriller from the 80s called "Gloria".

A rather intriguing starting point for the fashionable looks of the Fendi cruise collection is the fearless and sexy protagonist of the film, a former call girl and a lover of bandits. This role was played by Gina Rowlands.

On the screen, her heroine combines femininity and masculinity in her image. In the film, Gloria is simultaneously bold, stylish and seductive, with a touch of daring provocation.

The same atmosphere is emphasized in the presented new Resort 2020 collection.

It's a whole line of soft, cozy pantsuits with floor-length loose-fitting trousers, a-line midi skirts that were deceptively modest, seductive pleated skirts and sheer dresses.

Here, high slits on the sides boldly expose your legs, and leather boots with high heels complement the stylish look.

The collection also includes lacquer trench coats, 80s-style high-waisted leather pants and chic silk blouses.

A midi dress made of soft black leather with a bow on the back definitely did not go unnoticed. Each outfit is perfectly complemented by a bag with the same Fandy logo.