Trends at New York Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2020 Top 20 Fashion Trends

And today we will go to New York, where eminent brands brightly and on a large scale presented their new spring-summer 2020 collections to the public.

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Even if this event is not of a universal scale, but New York Fashion Week will certainly leave its significant mark in the history of design art. In any case, there are definitely some fashionable novelties worthy of attention!

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However, let's talk about it. And the first fashion trend to look out for is the elegant white pantsuit. Today it has become a favorite with many famous designers.

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Graceful classics from Tom Ford, or restrained retro-style under the Tory Burch brand - any option, regardless of style, in white looks luxurious and respectable.

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Even though the next fashion trend came into my field of vision, I can no longer afford such clothes. Perhaps as a beach option. But, I very much advise young and sonorous ones to take a closer look.

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For example, according to the version from the fashion house Brandon Maxwell, ultra-short shorts go well with both a summer sports top on one shoulder and a luxurious blouse in a more business style. Although our strict office dress code, such an outfit will definitely not work.

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The next fashion trend is romantic femininity straight from the Victorian era, which continues to rule the ball for several seasons. This spring, airy dresses, blouses and tops with puffy sleeves will be popular among fashionistas from all over the world.

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Moreover, voluminous sleeves look great both in a casual look from Tory Burch, and in an elegant evening dress from Christian Siriano. But I liked the still stylish models from the Carolina Herrera collection more.

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In a separate line I would like to highlight such a wonderful trend as the pattern with polka dots. Over the past few years, designers have been so carried away by the creation of fashionable outfits with a pea print that it has already fallen into the classics from the category of trends.

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This spring and summer, a cute polka dot pattern will be held in high esteem not only in the classic version. The new collection from the popular Michael Kors brand has other interesting solutions.

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In the new season, to create a stylish bow, many designers have found inspiration in Greek outfits, where the drapery acts as an iconic element of the cut. Soft silhouette, flowing lines, flowing translucent fabrics.

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In the Oscar de la Renta collection, draped dresses are presented in delicate pastel colors, and the Prabal Gurung brand traditionally prefers a brighter color palette. Although, I still like the first option more.

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To the ultra-feminine fashion cuts, I will add outfits with flounces, ruffles and frills. Among the admirers of this trend, for example, such well-known brands as Ulla Johnson or Marc Jacobs have shown themselves.

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Perhaps not a single warm season, like our wardrobe, can be imagined without such comfortable, comfortable and versatile denim clothes.

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In terms of color, preference is given to the classic blue tone, or light boiled denim is welcomed. Although under the brand name, for example, Ulla Johnson there are jeans and other, sometimes unusual, colors.

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Contrast halves - that's what I'll call this fashion trend from New York. The trend came to us straight from the 60s. We boldly choose the most different colored tandems. The main thing is that it is bright and maximum contrasting, as in stylish looks from Sally LaPointe.

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Of the most characteristic accessories of the warm season, a belt or belt stands out most noticeably. Wide or narrow, made of leather, fabric or braided, the main thing is to wear it strictly at the waist over any clothing. Even if it's a classic jacket from Prabal Gurung or a light raincoat from Tory Burch.

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This is how she is - high fashion from New York. Bright, dynamic, interesting in its own way and certainly not boring! I got about twenty fashion trends. A lot or a little - you decide.