Salvatore Ferragamo spring-summer 2020 in Milan. 70s and 80s in modern trends.

Milan Fashion Week never ceases to amaze us and delight us with new collections. The fashion line from Salvatore Ferragamo spring-summer 2020 also did not go unnoticed and took its rightful place among the leading brands in the fashion industry.

Salvatore Ferragamo весна-лето 2020 1

This time, the fashion show was remembered by everyone not only for the noble color scheme, topical leather bows and variations on the theme of uniforms, but also for interesting facts that, I am sure, are worthy of attention. For example, one of the brightest events in the world of haute couture was the return of the brand to its small homeland, to Florence.

Oddly enough, the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion house has never held a show in its hometown before. But, the time has come. And I want to note that the return turned out to be very effective. After all, the place for the presentation of the new collection was not chosen a standard hall or exhibition complex, but one of the central squares of the city of Signoria. Against the background of the old palace building painted with frescoes and under the rays of the warm sun, fashionable images looked somehow in a special sensual and attractive way.

Salvatore Ferragamo весна-лето 2020 3

The preparation for the show turned out to be quite long and difficult. I had to conduct difficult negotiations with the city hall in order to obtain permission to organize a fashion show in a historical place. As Paul Andrew, creative director of the brand himself, says: “I suddenly thought that we need to go home. And this luxurious fountain is simply magnificent as a general background. Everyone was sure that we would not succeed, but I insisted. And voila! Here we are. After that, you can only dream of showing at St. Peter's Square in Rome. But I'm afraid it will be much more difficult for us to negotiate with the Pope. "

Salvatore Ferragamo весна-лето 2020 4

By the way, you can see an unusual print on fashionable outfits from the new line. This is an image of the statue of Neptune adorning the fountain, the historical symbol of the city. Recently, restoration work was completed, funded by the Salvatore Ferragamo brand.

Salvatore Ferragamo весна-лето 2020 5

One of the sources of inspiration for the designer was a photograph on the fireplace in his parents' house - an old photograph of little Paul Andrew with his mother and brother on a summer vacation in Italy. As the couturier recalls: "It was the 80s, and we were children. We are dressed in cotton Bermuda shorts and smile from the top of our lips. And today I wanted to convey this feeling of fun and sun-drenched innocence."

Salvatore Ferragamo весна-лето 2020 6

In my opinion, the designer did a great job! A charming feminine color palette, neutral tones, turning into brighter shades of sky blue, blue, dark luscious greenery and soft terracotta tune into a refreshing summer mood. Paul Andrew invites us to remember how comfortable and seductive a basic wardrobe can be. And also to dream a little about resort vacations and sea cruises.

Salvatore Ferragamo весна-лето 2020 8

Many outfits really resemble the clothes of vacationers, but only those who have exceptional taste and do not skimp on trifles. Relaxed silhouettes, nostalgic patterns in the form of wide colored stripes or large checks, cozy knitted ensembles, as well as a portion of excellent minimalism, but with an admixture of retro and sport. Short shorts, tops, loose-fitting trousers, shirts and turtlenecks, knitted sets and sundresses. There are also many leather clothes, which, for example, are ideal for a rainy spring.

Salvatore Ferragamo весна-лето 2020 7

Traditionally, the emphasis is on footwear. The legendary Salvatore Ferragamo shoes - rounded, with a geometric bow, Paul Andrew rethought a little and turned them into more pointed toes. Summer sandals with wide heels with multi-colored narrow straps also attract attention. We are offered to tie a thin lace over loose trousers. This current trend is already being tried by guests of Fashion Week shows.

Salvatore Ferragamo весна-лето 2020 9

Among the accessories, it is worth noting stylish square-framed sunglasses, necklaces made of transparent plastic, bright panamas-baseball caps and bags of various sizes and shapes.

Salvatore Ferragamo весна-лето 2020 10

On the whole, the collection turned out to be harmonious, well-coordinated and quite wearable. There are no outrageous flashy outfits here. Only natural fabrics, excellent quality, careful finishing and thoughtful colors. The Salvatore Ferragamo brand does not seek to surprise anyone, knowing full well what audience it works for. And whether the new spring-summer 2020 collection will be commercially successful - time will tell!