Off-White Spring-Summer 2020 in Paris. Meteor shower to the female character.

Spring-summer 2020 collection from the Off-White fashion house. For the audience gathered at Paris Fashion Week, the fashion show of the popular brand produced, let's say, cosmic tranquility. But that's what Virgil Abloh, the brand's lead designer, was counting on.

Off-White весна-лето 2020 1

It is not for nothing that the fashionable line has a completely futuristic name "Meteor Shower" and is dedicated to space, as well as a strong female character. Here cosmic motives are successfully combined with sports themes.

And although the new collection turned out to be more restrained than last season, it is no less desirable and trendy. Such a minimalistic style with a touch of the retro era of the 90s - clear streamlined shapes, ideal proportions, quite understandable silhouettes.

Off-White весна-лето 2020 3

True, the creative director of the brand himself was not present at the show for health reasons, but the creative team of the Off-White fashion house and the stellar cast of models led by the Hadid sisters coped with the task with a bang.

Off-White весна-лето 2020 4

I will only note that the age of the participants in the fashion show ranges from 21 to 60. In addition, bright makeup has been abandoned here. The girls took to the podium with practically no makeup. Just a little powder and shine.

Off-White весна-лето 2020 5

The lineup of the new collection for the warm season of 2020 includes shirt dresses, knitted T-shirts, tops and T-shirts, loose-fitting trousers, mesh outfits, leather clothes, floor-length dresses with a fluffy skirt, raincoats and baseball caps, braided sandals. In terms of color, white is still in the lead, which in alliance with black or sky blue looks great.

Off-White весна-лето 2020 6

No less interesting is the tie-dye shaded print and fuchsia neon shades.
If you look closely, you can see that it was decided to use a paper clip as a tongue on a metal snake both on bags and on clothes. Wow ... But I used to think that this is just my personal know-how!

Off-White весна-лето 2020 7

Holes have become a characteristic feature of many fashionable ensembles - clear, rather large, regular round shapes. It is simply impossible not to notice them. They are everywhere - on dresses and trousers, tops, jackets, T-shirts and T-shirts, even on gloves. Holes in jeans have been replaced by rips. Shoes are also a trend full of holes. Fashion bloggers are already talking about boots under the brand name Off-White, which remind everyone of a piece of cheese.

Off-White весна-лето 2020 8

Yes, there are similarities. But according to the designer's idea, such a cut is more related to the space theme, where round holes are meteorite craters on the planet's surface. Well, something like this. The only thing that is not clear to me personally is bags with holes, especially in the form of a bag. Practicality is zero.

Off-White весна-лето 2020 9

Even the brand itself called the novelty in a press release "not functional". Unless a small bag with holes is convenient to carry with you like a bracelet, passing your hand through a round hole. And for all sorts of necessary and useful little things, take a belt bag. Virgil Abloh, for example, offered an interesting option in the form of a wide belt, which was continued by a pair of bags in the form of patch pockets.

Off-White весна-лето 2020 10

Huge wicker bags with a long, or rather, a very long fringe look no less interesting. Perhaps this particular model will become an excellent find in creating fashionable images for Instagram stars and a clear favorite among our fashionistas.