Fashionable jeans spring-summer 2020. The main trends and fashion trends in denim fashion

Fashionable jeans spring-summer 2020. Such a guide to the main trends and current trends of the warm season.

Модные джинсы весна-лето 2020 0-3

The main point to which I would like to draw your attention is that today it is rather difficult to see something extraordinary, unearthly, stunning and unique in denim fashion.

джинсы с декоративной строчкой

So. The first fashion trend is jeans with decorative stitching. A noticeable, clear seam is located in the front of the legs and runs along the entire length. As conceived by the designers, such a technique should visually slim the figure, visually stretching the silhouette.


Boyfriend jeans got their start again. A little baggy, a little hooligan, free, comfortable and so familiar! Ideal for a walk, a trip to the countryside, meeting with friends.

Джинсы с заниженной талией

Low-rise jeans from the past 2000s are back in the fashion arena. Similar styles can be found in collections from Balmain, Isabel Marant, Brandon Maxwell. So, dear fashionistas, before it's too late, we hasten to pump up the press to meet the summer in a fit shape


However, I advise you not to part with high-waisted jeans. They are still relevant. Modern fashion today is quite loyal and democratic. And we boldly continue to wear our favorite banana jeans or MOM jeans.

рваные джинсы 1

The next fashion trend surprised and puzzled me. Our fashion is so cyclical and fleeting that any style, not having time to get into trends, immediately turns into anti-trend, and then gains popularity again. For example, ripped jeans.

рваные джинсы 2

Holes in the knees, carelessly tattered and darned trousers, scraps of denim and hanging unevenly threads - this is already a whole trend in design art, which designers in no way want to give up. At Givenchy, for example, the fashion trend was complemented by a combination of denim of different colors.


The next trend will not make a major breakthrough in the fashion world. Flared jeans. They were popular in the 70s, dictated style in the 90s and are now back on the catwalk. This is not the first season for flared jeans promising high demand. But for some reason on the streets of our city to meet a fashionista in flared jeans is a rarity.

джинсы свободного кроя 1

If we are talking about a wide cut, then loose-cut jeans that do not hinder movement are the next fashion trend. Oversized jeans are also familiar to all of us for several seasons, but they are still in great demand among designers.

джинсы свободного кроя 2

By the way, oversized jeans do not have to be floor-length. The ankle-length cut from the Christian Dior or Ermanno Scervino collection is comfortable to wear with both heels and light flat sandals.


One of the main features of the season, I think, will call the jeans-balloons. Visually, the cut resembles banana jeans. However, here the main expansion of the leg was performed not in the hips, but in the knee area. The bottom is very narrowed due to additional stitching or lacing.

классический синий деним

As for the fashionable colors, you can safely choose both classic blue denim and a more summer blue tone. Designers do not limit us in terms of colors. For example, in the collections from Chanel, Balmain, Etro, Ulla Johnson there are jeans in different bright shades.

Модные джинсы весна-лето 2020 11-1

A few words should definitely be said about the trendy decor. The Paco Rabanne brand offered a model with a bright colored appliqué, and jeans from Antonio Marras are complemented by a wide checkered collar.

Укороченные джинсы

Cropped jeans. A well-known and current trend for a long time. Loose, not tight cut, slightly flared at the bottom, jeans-culottes from Celine look perfect paired with high boots, and the model from Givenchy with frayed and ripped we are offered to combine with a strict fitted jacket.


I would also like to draw your attention to the overalls. The fashion house Isabel Marant or Prabal Gurung has a simple and clear cut, in the style of a work uniform: stitches, deep patch pockets, an even solid color - classic dark blue or light blue.

Модные джинсы классика 1

And the last trend that we will talk about today is a calm and restrained classic. Remember, as in a fairy tale: Not far, not close, neither high nor low. I'll just try to change a familiar phrase a little: not narrow, not wide, not long, not short.

Модные джинсы классика 2

It's all about them, about classic cut jeans. Smooth, with a comfortable comfortable fit, without any bells and whistles, flashy decor, in the usual blue. A trend that does not depend on any fluctuations in the world of high fashion.

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From all that has been said, it turns out that almost any style is in trend! And it’s great when, with the arrival of the new season, you don’t have to change your entire wardrobe. How long can you just be a consumer?