Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2020 in Paris. The tree is an important symbol for us.

One of the most anticipated fashion shows at Paris Fashion Week was the show of the new spring-summer 2020 collection from Christian Dior. This season, the podium has been miraculously transformed into a wonderful green forest. 164 species of various young trees, whose roots were wrapped in sackcloth, were neatly arranged in the hippodrome room, where the presentation took place.

Christian Dior весна-лето 2020 1

The podium became like a path in a shady park, and the light fell on the models, making its way through the crown of the trees. The Parisian environmental design team brought together botanists, gardeners, landscape designers and urban planners to prepare such an amazing set for the fashion show.

Their work on green space and urban renewal is one of the main sources of inspiration for Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Christian Dior весна-лето 2020 3

All plants will further become part of various projects to strengthen forests and create green spaces in Paris.

Christian Dior весна-лето 2020 4

Here, a special tag was attached to each tree, after reading which, the guests of the show could learn more about the origin of the tree, as well as where it will be sent after the fashion show.

Christian Dior весна-лето 2020 5

As the designer explained: “The tree is an important symbol for us, because it is about investing in nature. Landing for the future is a positive action. ” Therefore, the main idea of the new collection is the preservation of nature, which, of course, is not surprising in our time.

Christian Dior весна-лето 2020 6

According to Curie: “We have to be creative, but today we are more conscious about what we are doing. It is important that the message is correct. " By the way, no plastic is used in the scenery, and all the electricity for the show was produced by generators running on rapeseed oil.

Christian Dior весна-лето 2020 7

The image of the real "Miss Dior" became the muse of the new collection. The sister of the founder of the fashion house, a famous botanist and professional gardener, with her boundless love for nature inspired the designer to create such interesting, amazing fashionable images.

Christian Dior весна-лето 2020 8

Discreet natural colors, raffia dresses, miniskirts and shorts, straw hats and espadrilles, tie-dye clothing, classic blue shirts, sheer mesh and a sea of floral embroidery - it seems easier to imagine a freelance artist in these outfits where- then in Provence than, for example, a socialite at a party. However, tastes can change radically.

Christian Dior весна-лето 2020 9

Tulle, jacquard, silk and mesh, delicate appliqué and romantic lace became the basis of evening dresses, where simple rope belts emphasized the waist.

Christian Dior весна-лето 2020 10

Sustainability as the main theme of the Dior fashion collection is reflected in precious hand-made embroidery, natural fabrics, and distinctive jewelry.