Fashionable footwear spring-summer 2020 surprises with new trends and tendencies of the season.

And today I want to discuss with you a topic that, I am sure, is of interest to everyone, and not just to desperate fashionistas. This is Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2020.

Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2020

So, let's together, without hurrying anywhere, try to understand all this shoe variety of design novelties. So that your pair of shoes confidently plays the role of "first violin" in a fashionable and stylish look.

Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2020

But first things first. Designers unanimously chose lacing as one of the trends of the 2020 season. Now everything is fashionable to lace up - sandals, shoes, ankle boots, high boots or summer flat-soled slippers.

Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2020

The hit of the upcoming sultry summer is open shoes with thin lacing that rise to mid-calf or even to the knee. The most characteristic models are under the brands Versace, Etro, Valentino, Off-White, Stella McCartney.

Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2020

Fashionable shoes with an ankle strap look very feminine and with a slight retro touch. At the fashion house Chloe or Brandon Maxwell, I saw the ideal options.

Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2020

Shoes look no less interesting, where the leather clasp was replaced by an elegant satin ribbon bow. Such a model will become a logical continuation of a fashionable image in a gentle romantic style.

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Weaving, fashionable in this warm season, could not pass by the shoes. The new collections include a respectable version of woven shoes from Giorgio Armani, and openwork lightweight boots from Javey Anderson.

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But the most popular and most discussed among the trendy styles, I will call the summer models under the Botega Vanet brand. Braided heeled sandals with one or two wide stripes have already become Instagram stars and have won the hearts of our fashionistas.

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For cool spring weather, designers still offer cowboy-style boots. Having gained considerable popularity last season, Cossack boots are not inferior in leadership to new models.

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And I will note that in women's fashion such shoes are found much more often than in men's. A wide beveled heel, a slightly elongated toe and a loose boot - the same lacing was added to the characteristic elements of the fashionable style.

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The next trend will not revolutionize the world of high fashion. These are platform shoes. Bulky models from the 70s are probably not to everyone's liking. But Dries Van Noten or Miu Miu have their own opinion on this matter.

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Shoes from Giambattista Valli, where they relied on bright colors, or more practical sandals with high rattan soles from Michael Kors, look much more democratic and not so dramatic.

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I want to note that on some issues, not all designers were unanimous. The fashion world has split into two camps. In some new collections I see shoes with square toes, and in others with narrow ones.

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For example, I like any option. The main thing is that without extremes. And then the perfect white boots from Givenchy or respectable shoes from the fashion house Burberry, I am sure, will become your favorite pair.

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This summer, flip flops, which we are more used to calling flip flops, are back in fashion. True, the designers slightly corrected the model, adding a small heel or a popular platform to simple flip flops.

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However, all this has already happened once. It is enough to flip through the photo chronicles of the 90s and finally make sure that the most relevant ideas again come from a past era. Although some modern models certainly cannot be called flip-flops!

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From a fashionable decor, I advise you to pay attention to chains. Huge, massive or thin, graceful - they have conquered the fashion world. Chains decorate bags, today they are worn instead of a belt, so chain decor has become quite appropriate for shoes.

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Zimmermann, Prabal Gurung, Altuzarra did not ignore the fashion trend. The chain can act as an ankle strap, or just be an additional bright and attractive accessory.

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Shoes with a floral pattern are not new at all and are already a traditional trend of the warm season. Shoes, sandals, spring boots, decorated not only with a pattern, but also with an elegant

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Feminine floral shoes were offered by such brands as Ermanno Scervino, Dries Van Noten, Erdem, Miu Miu, Fendy, Paco Rabanne. New-fashioned socks with stiletto heels and with rhinestone trim along the edge look especially impressive.

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A predatory print is more typical for the cold season, and in the spring-summer 2020 collections, shoes with a tiger, jaguar or leopard color are not often found. But more peaceful animals got a start in life.

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A zebra skin pattern with a bright contrast of black and white is found in fashionable shoes from famous brands Bottega Veneta, Burberry or Tods. An ideal companion for such models is more monochromatic clothing that repeats the general background of the animal print.

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Among the fashion trends, it is worth mentioning shoes in a sporty style. Sneakers-socks, sneakers-socks, sneakers-stockings - now we can safely choose any option for cool spring weather.

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However, no one has canceled the familiar sneakers from the collection under the Coach brand or massive sports shoes from the Off-White brand. We still combine them not only with trousers, but also with skirts, dresses, short shorts.

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The next loafers on my list. Much attention is paid to this model in collections from Loewe, Lanvan, Louis Vuitton, Prada. There are both strict classics and bright models from combination leather with heels.

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And the last trend, which not all fashionistas approve of today, is to combine shoes, and even more so sandals, with socks or golfs. Well. This is how it is - the fashion of the 2020s.

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However, the same as our female character - changeable, a little capricious, sometimes docile and accommodating, then rebellious, hot-tempered and stubborn. But certainly not boring!