Giorgio Armani spring-summer 2020 in Milan. Nature in natural beauty.

I would like to introduce you to the amazingly beautiful new fashion collection for spring-summer 2020 from the famous Italian brand Giorgio Armani. The presentation of the show took place at Milan Fashion Week in the courtyard of Palazzo Orsini.

1 Giorgio Armani весна-лето 2020

As conceived by the designer, the new collection is fully consistent with its clear and uncomplicated name. It would seem that one simple word is "Earth", but how succinctly you can convey to the viewer the general mood of a fashion show. Nature in its unspoiled natural beauty has inspired Giorgio Armani for the past few seasons.

Therefore, the colors of the new fashion line are the natural shades of our planet, its mineral and water resources: from earthy brown, dark blue and silver gray to sky blue, smoky mint, ash pink and pearl. As if we are looking at our Earth from space, enveloped in a series of clouds.

3 Giorgio Armani весна-лето 2020

The Godfather of Italian Fashion proves once again that he has no equal in reference elegance.

4 Giorgio Armani весна-лето 2020

The girl from Giorgio Armani is aristocratic under any circumstances: during the day and in the evening. She rushes to work in impeccable silk trouser suits, for a walk in a light dress with a floral print, to a restaurant in loose chiffon trousers and a translucent top with a wide belt.

5 Giorgio Armani весна-лето 2020

In an interview with reporters, the couturier himself admitted that he wanted to be less realistic and even chose an ancient nymph as a muse. But, the audience cannot be fooled: on the catwalk there is still the same classics from Giorgio Armani, albeit in new delicate shades, with placers of sparkles, pearls and crystals. Here we even see the tropical print trendy this season in soft pastel colors.

6 Giorgio Armani весна-лето 2020

And for those who want to feel like a real star, and for the Hollywood divas themselves, there are dresses in the fashion line embroidered with thousands of crystals with a permanent decoration - a rose or long floor-length dresses with graceful intricate embroidery and an airy organza bolero. I'm sure everyone knows that Armani-branded dress is almost the most popular choice for going out on the red carpet.

7 Giorgio Armani весна-лето 2020

Giorgio Armani is one of the few designers for whom the image of an elegant woman is still relevant. He does not reinvent the wheel every new season, but is faithful to his exquisite, refined style and thus conquers the hearts of more and more fans. The spring-summer collection of the Italian brand represents femininity at its best.
Armani's fashion show is a real holiday and an outstanding event for both the master and his grateful clients.

8 Giorgio Armani весна-лето 2020

Each fashion look is complemented by graceful, or rather fantastic, accessories. Jewelry accurately conveys the main theme of the collection. Bright earrings, bracelets, tiered beads and necklaces seem to be collected from the natural resources of the planet Earth. They repeat the color and texture of natural stone, fossil minerals, transparent crystal. Or the shape and drawing of a leaf on a tree. The sunglasses are also made in this theme.

9 Giorgio Armani весна-лето 2020

Bags amaze with a huge number of absolutely different models. From discreet and understandable classics or an elegant clutch to bags of the most unusual shapes. The shoes are also quite interesting and varied. There are braided models, and translucent sandals, and light two-tone shoes. Wide belts with huge transparent plastic buckles make a bright accent on the waist.

10 Giorgio Armani весна-лето 2020

Amazing, unique, very beautiful, spectacular collection. It has its own style, its own character, its own expensive chic.