Fashion jeans fall-winter 2018/2019 - Trends Lookbook

Presenting fashionable jeans in the fall-winter 2018-2019 season, designers have relied on restraint and practicality. Their models are not weighted with decor, they do not have flashy colors or prints. But each of them has its own unique character.

Straight-leg jeans.

It's time to forget about the huge Boyfriends. New trends in the autumn-winter season 2018-2019 suggest that an urgent need to stock a pair of straight cut jeans. It is this style prevailed in many collections at fashion weeks. The best denim for straight jeans is classic dark blue and light blue.

Wide-leg jeans

Narrow skinny, not to climb without soap, the designers not to your liking. Whether it's a spacious Palazzo, jeans, parachutes and"pipes". It is in them we have to go this fall. In contrast to the shapeless Boyfriends jeans, wide cut at the waist and the hips should sit perfect. No decorative frills have been added. The main role is played by the cut. Another feature of wide jeans-they should be long and completely cover the ankle. Although the presence of lapels and cuffs on an elastic band is allowed.


The youth of the 80s invented a lot of ways to whiten blue jeans and make them more original. They introduced a trend called dumplings. In 2018, they are again at the peak of popularity and are pleased with their fresh and extraordinary look at the boiled denim.


Another trend that is gradually losing interest in high fashion houses is boyfriend jeans. Baggy jeans models appeared only in some designers. In their collections, boyfriend jeans have become a little wider. Their length also changed. They now either "go to the floor", completely covering the shoes, or become shortened. Boyfriend jeans are best combined with a voluminous top.


Jeans on the pockets, narrow at the ankles and wide at the hips, again relevant. For an unusual cut in the 80s they were nicknamed "bananas". In the autumn-winter season 2018-2019 banana jeans have a shortened length and a classic fit. As a rule, these jeans are almost devoid of decor. Best bananas are combined with jackets and blouses in business style, creating a stylish strict bow. This was clearly demonstrated by Dion Lee and Ksenia Schnaider.

Mom style

Mom jeans, which came to us from the 90's, are still relevant. "Mom" or " mom " is the key word in their name. My mother's called them for convenience and the absence of excessive glamour. At first, they were valued only for comfort, and beauty went by the wayside.

Denim total look

Denim total bow is the most fashionable image for several seasons in a row. In the autumn-winter season 2018-2019 in fashion kits made of one type of denim. This may be a "tie-dye", classic jeans blue hues and denim combo. It is necessary that all things were designed in the same style.